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The Hazards of RVing With Your Dog

"Keeping a watchful eye on your dog is crucial"

The Hazards of RVing With Your Dog

The Hazards of RVing With Your Dog
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Very few things can beat the excitement of being out on the open road, exploring new places and setting off on new adventures and if you’re an RV owner who enjoys exploring with your pet, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to protect your pet from unforeseen dangers. Knowing these dangers and avoiding them can make the difference between a pleasant, enjoyable trip and a tragic experience.

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One of the most common dangers of road trips is exposure to disease. When pets are taken to unfamiliar territories, they may be exposed to viruses and germs their systems haven’t built immunity to. While this is largely unavoidable and there isn’t a way to completely avoid these risks, there are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of your pet getting sick.

Providing your pet with safe drinking water and their regular brand of food can greatly help in preventing your pet from becoming sick. Boosting your pet’s immune system with a superior quality diet can help protect him from being susceptible to germs and viruses you may frequent while on the road. Some brands of pet food produce immune boosting lines that are specially designed to fortify your pet’s immune system and provide enhanced protection.

Keeping a watchful eye on your pet is crucial and this is especially so with dogs due to their curious nature. Dogs love to sniff and explore and this can get them into serious trouble. Raccoon droppings make pets very sick as they contain a lethal parasite so keep your eye on your pet at all times. When planning your road trip try to take note of any veterinary clinics and hospitals along your route so you know where to go in case of an emergency.

Another hazard you may encounter while on the road is other animals. Wild animals as well as other pets can attack your pet and cause it grievous harm. Intact pets are at greater risk of being attacked than their neutered or spayed counterparts. An intact female is at risk of getting pregnant or falling victim to attack and intact males are prone to dominance fights so spaying or neutering your pet can go a long way into protecting it.

Always keep your pet on a leash in open areas as you don’t know what may be lurking, and domestic pets are very susceptible to being attacked especially in unknown territory. Keep your eye on your pet at all times and remain cautious about your environment. If there are any animals in the vicinity it may be best to keep your pet in the RV as you don’t know how your pet or the other animals may react to one another.

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The Hazards of RVing With Your Dog

The third most common danger of life on the road with your pet is dehydration. Animals can become dehydrated very quickly and you should keep this in mind. Many RV owners turn off the engine to save gas and a pet can overheat very quickly under these circumstances. Animals are incapable of sweating like we do and can’t dissipate heat as efficiently, this makes them more prone to overheating and their thick coats make them less heat tolerant than us. If you stop at a rest stop, make sure you provide your pet with ample drinking water, using spill proof bottles is also a good idea. Never leave your pet in a hot or excessively dry vehicle as this could result in your pet’s death, turning your excursion into a nightmare.

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