I Think I Have A Small Leak In The Roof Of My 5th Wheel RV

by James
(Flint, TX)

How does one stop small, almost insignificant leaks that show up as tiny discolorations on the ceiling inside my closet? It's the front closest nearest the front of my 5th wheel and perhaps caused by driving in the rain.

ANSWER: Greetings James thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

From what you are describing, you may not actually have a leak. The small discolored water marks you are describing can also be caused by condensation on the inside of the RV.

The condensation can occur when the warm and moist inside air of your 5th wheeler comes into contact with a cool surface. This can cause condensation on the windows and mirrors on the inside of your RV. This condensation can also form on the ceilings and walls of your trailer.

The moisture in the air is caused by, cooking, showering, washing dishes, etc

Some ways of keeping this condensation down to a minimum is by keeping some vents and windows cracked open when showering, cooking, etc. Running vent fans also helps to get rid of the moisture. Some RVers even run Dehumidifiers in their RVs.

Now I cannot guarantee that is what is going on in your 5th wheel, but it is still worth investigating.

If you still suspect that you have a leak then you need to read the answer I gave to this question.

How Do I Repair A Leak In My RV's Skylight?

Even though the question above is about a possible leak in an RV's skylight, it still has all of the troubleshooting and repair steps you need to fix the problem in your RV.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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