King RVMedia Speaker
and Awning Light Review

Here is Our Review of the King RVMedia Speaker & Awning Light System

King RVMedia Speaker and Awning Light Review

By Alan Wiener
Editor of Everything About RVing

The folks from King were kind enough to send me one of their King RVMedia Bluetooth Speaker and Awning Light System for testing and review. You can see it installed on my RV in the picture above.  

Overall Score
Out of 5.0

As you can see by my overall score, I was very impressed by the innovative King RVMedia Bluetooth Speaker and Awning Light System.  In fact this is the highest score that I have ever given any RVing accessory that I have reviewed on Everything About RVing. 

What I Liked

  • The adjustable brightness of the lighting, covers a large area around the RV.  You can turn the lights down or change colors to suit your mood.  You can even create a multi-color light show.
  • The sound of the speaker system is very good for its size, plus you have a choice of different sound settings in the Equalizer.  The speakers also have very good bass response.
  • How easy it is to stream music to the speakers.  I streamed music from Pandora Plus and Amazon Prime Music and it sounded great.
  • The installation is fairly simple in most cases.
  • The RVMedia app is user friendly and very intuitive to use.

The short video below shows the RVMedia Speaker & Awning Light System in action.  The video unfortunately does not give justice to the actual sound of the speakers.  The video also shows what the light show looks like.

What I Didn't like

  • The instructions in the Owner's Manual are quite sketchy.  If the instructions had included more detail and some pictures, this unit would have scored a perfect 5.0 score.

Learn More

You should continue reading to find out even more about this RV Speaker and Lighting System.

There are two different models of the RVmedia System.  Both models are available in a Black or White finish.


Take a look at this video from King that shows some of the features of the King RVMedia Bluetooth Speaker and Awning Light System.

RVM1000 Series

  • Easily replaces existing light (2-wire connection)
  • Bluetooth A2DP music streaming
  • Hard wired to RV, no batteries to replace
  • Waterproof design, IPX5 rated
  • Premium sound, 100 watts
  • 45 cool white LED lights


13.5″ w x 5.5″ h x 2.25″ d


3 lbs.

Models: RVM1000 (White) / RVM1001 (Black)

MSRP: $64.00

RVM2000 Series

This is the model that I have reviewed, it is also known as the "Premium Model".

The RVM2000 includes all of the features listed above for the RVM1000 series with the additional features listed below.

  • Wireless light control including RGB colors and dimming from your smartphone or tablet
  • Bug light mode – orange LED
  • Music equalizer & premium bass
  • Silicone case cover
  • Free Android or iPhone app download

MSRP: $220.00


Weak Area:  The instructions in the Owner's Manual are quite sketchy.  If the instructions had included more detail and some pictures, this unit would have scored a perfect 5.0 score.

Supplies Needed

Installation in most cases will be simple and straight-forward as you are going to be replacing one of your RV's Porch or Awning Lights.  

You are going to have to first remove the light you are going to replace.  This is probably going to be the hardest part of the installation for you.  These factory installed lights can be a pain to remove.  In fact don't be surprised if you end up breaking the light while trying to remove it.

Once you have the light removed you need to seal up any holes left by the light with some silicone sealant.

Now follow the instructions included with the RVMedia Speaker/Light to mount it to your RV.

The RVMedia Speaker/Light has a 2 wire connection that connects to the wiring from the porch or awning light you removed from your RV.

IMPORTANT:  When connecting the wires you need to either use wire crimps and a Crimper or solder and heat shrink tubing to make the connections.

Special Note:  Because the speaker lighting system is 13 1/2" wide there may be RVs that will not have enough width available to connect the system in the exact same spot as the light you are replacing.  In those cases you may have to put the system in a different area of the RV and run the old lights wires to it.

Good Sam Club

Using the Speaker & Lighting System

OK now comes the fun part using the light and speakers for the first time, but, wait why is there an on/off on the side of the system?

Yes there is an on/off switch on the RVmedia System but if you have hooked up your system to a light switch on your RV you will use the that light switch to turn the lights on and off as well as turning the Bluetooth on and off.  You only need to use the built in switch on the speaker system if you are using the available power adapter to run the light and speaker system.  You would also use the power button on the speaker if you connected the RVMedia system to a 12 volt power supply that can't be turned off by a switch.

Connecting the RVM1000 Series Light/Speaker System to your streaming device

Only one device can be connected to the light/speaker at a time.  Once you have paired a device it will be stored by the light/speaker.  A  maximum of 8 devices can be stored in memory.  So when you turn the speaker/light on it will automatically pair with one of the stored devices.  If you pair a 9th device to the system the oldest device will be removed from the memory.

On the basic RVM1000 Series Light/Speaker System, you simply turn on the the RV light switch.  If you have previously paired your phone or tablet to the RVMedia Speaker/Light System with Bluetooth, as mentioned above the speaker system will automatically pair with your streaming device as long as it is in range, so you can start streaming music. 

If you have not previously paired your device using Bluetooth with the RVMedia system, you can pair it up when the built in light on the RVMedia blue LED light starts flashing.  It can take up to 15 seconds after you turn the unit on for the lights to start flashing.  Now you can turn on the Bluetooth on your device and Select “RV Media” to initiate connection.  Now you can use your phone or tablet to stream music to the speaker/light system.  The volume control on your phone or tablet controls the volume on the speakers.

Connecting the RVM2000 Series Light/Speaker System to your streaming device

To connect your streaming device to the RVM2000 Series Light/Speaker System just follow the instructions for the RVM1000 Series.

Special Note:  the RVM2000 Series Light/Speaker System only stores a maximum of 5 devices, so if you install a sixth device the oldest device in memory will be erased.

Using the RVM2000 Series Light/Speaker System App to control its operation

Once you have downloaded the RV Media app from the Apple App store or Google Play by searching for “RV Media”, you can start taking control of your Light and Sound system.

Controlling the Lights

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King RVMedia Speaker & Awning Light Review

Tapping the light bulb Icon on the app (pictured above) will either turn the light on or off.  You can dim or brighten the lights by moving the the dimmer Icon around the circle. You can change the color of the lights by picking a color from the color wheel.

King RVMedia Speaker & Awning Light Review

On the settings screen pictured above you can:

  • Put the light in Color Scan Mode so that the light smoothly flashes through all of the colors.  You can also control the speed of the light flashes.
  • Turn on the insect light which changes the color of the light to attract fewer insects.
  • Set a Sleep Timer that will shut off the Speaker/Light System.  The timer allows to turn the system off between 1 and 60 minutes.

Sound Equalizer

King RVMedia Speaker & Awning Light Review

The Audio Equalizer allows you to select a sound mode.  The modes available are Pop, Rock, Classical, Disco, Jazz and Theater. 

Special Note:  As demonstrated by the videos at the top of this page, the sound that comes out of this system is very good for its size.

The Bottom Line

As I said at the very beginning of this article, I was very impressed by the King RVMedia Bluetooth Speaker and Awning Light System  and that is why I gave it the highest score that I have ever given any RV Accessory that I have reviewed.

The sound impressed me, the brightness of the lighting impressed me.  Overall, I was very impressed by the innovative King RVMedia Bluetooth Speaker and Awning Light System.

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