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The Best Modern Movies About RVing

movies about RVing

By Monica Miller

For your enjoyment we've put together a selection of some great movies about RVing

Traveling in an RV can become your lifestyle or be a one-time adventure. Either way, it's always a great experience and unforgettable emotions. We've put together a selection of RVing movies for you.

 1. Venice Calling (2019)

Emil is 14 and brunette, but his mother thinks all blondes are happy, so she shamefully dyes his hair every month. And his dad, an oddball sales representative, can't finish the house, so the family lives in a small camper. Emil is also in love with Pauline, who once invited him to a concert in Venice, where she was to perform. Of course, along with the poor teenager, his whole family rushes there... 

2. RV (2006)

Workaholic Bob Munro, his wife Jamie, their 15-year-old daughter Cassie, and 12-year-old son Carl need to spend more time together. After promising to take the whole family on vacation to Hawaii, Bob suddenly changes plans without informing the others. Instead of a week in a tropical paradise, they take a road trip to Colorado in a trailer adapted for such trips. 

3. We’re the Millers (2013)

David Clark is a small-time drug dealer. His customers include cooks and bored housewives. He does not sell drugs to children and therefore considers himself a man of principle. David treats children well, but this does not go unpunished - he tries to help teenagers in trouble and is attacked by punk hooligans. They take away his drugs and money, and our hero finds himself in a desperate situation. After all, he has nothing to pay back his supplier Brad. The only way out is to contract out to deliver a large shipment of drugs in a motorhome across the border.

4. Paul (2011)

Two geeks take a motor home to one of the most important fan events in sci-fi, the ComicCon festival. Along the way, near the famous Area 51, they meet an escaped alien named Paul, who asks for help getting home. 

5. Child of Grace (2014)

Katie Johnson, a 9-year-old girl, has been traveling in RVs with her father her entire life. They travel all over America and seem to have a good time together. However, one day the girl sees a missing child poster with her picture on it. Katie begins to suspect that her father might be a kidnapper.

6. About Schmidt (2002)

Warren's daughter has little contact with him, lives in Denver, and is about to marry a man he does not like. What to do? Schmidt sets out on an RV trip across the country to stop this wedding, and at the same time to find the meaning of his own life. 

7. Nomadland (2020)

In the aftermath of the world economic crisis, the only factory in town closes in the American backwater, as it does in many others. Fern, a 60-year-old widowed woman, used to work in that factory. In an instant, she lost her job, her housing, and any reason to stay in her native province. The heroine decides to gather her remaining belongings, equip the trailer as a mobile home, and go to the endless expanses of the Western United States in search of new earnings.

8. Captain Fantastic (2016)

Ben, his wife, and six children are an unusual family that is at the center of the story. They live far away from civilization in the woods. The children have never been to school, but despite this, they are highly erudite, well-versed in the terrain, and able to get their food. Ben's wife has a mental disorder, which leads her to suicide. The family is forced to go to a funeral in the city. The children encounter the modern world for the first time, and it becomes a real discovery for them.

9.   The Leisure Seeker

John and Ella lived a long and happy life. They had children and later grandchildren. Sensing that the end of their life together was fast approaching, the elderly couple decided to escape the obsessive care of their relatives and doctors. After all, all that lay ahead of them was infirmity, slow decline, and a long struggle with John's illness. By renting a trailer, the film's protagonists embark on a long journey on the traces of their past. The couple especially wants to delve into their childhood memories. 

These 9 movies deserve their good reviews and are worthy of your time. Perhaps they will inspire you to take a trip to the RV or be a great memory to remember. We wish you an enjoyable viewing experience!

About The Author

Monica works as a PR manager at VeePN company. In her free time, she likes outdoor activities and traveling. She and her family take a regular RV trip once a year, so she decided to share excellent movies about RVing with readers.

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