New to the RV World? 
Invest in These Important RV Accessories

Are you new to the RV world? You need to get these important RV Accessories

Here are the essential accessories you need if you are new to the RV world

Have you finally splurged on your dream recreational vehicle and you are now new to the RV world.  Do you have plans to explore and relax out in nature?  Your RV gives you options to live and traverse on your own time wherever you plan to go.  As you get ready to head out for your exciting adventures, prepare for the different environments and obstacles you may face.  The following are five things you want to grab now!

1.  A Versatile Ladder

Why would you need an extension ladder out in the woods?  Well, life has its craziness.  You may need to clear out tree branches near your camping spot.  Something may get stuck on top, and you need to climb up to get it off.  After all, you don't want to drive off, having something fly from the top.  Ladders need to pop up at different times and places, so have one with you that stores easily and isn't overly bulky.  It's also best to have one that adjusts to various heights.

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Good Sam Club

2.  A Surge Protector

Your RV is your home, and you don't want to see it suffer from electrical damage.  During storms, lightning can strike, emitting a charge that could severely damage your RV's electrical system.  Without a surge protector, your appliances are vulnerable.  They could lose function, leaving you without air conditioning or a functional fridge.  These are expensive to repair or replace and make for an uncomfortable (and perhaps hungry) stay outdoors.

Also, keep in mind that in areas threatened by wildfire, electrical companies may reduce the voltage in the area to minimize sparks from starting.  If you're in one of these locations, you could suffer from this brownout.  The surge protector is your defense.

3.  A Potable Drinking Water Hose

Are all water hoses created equally?  No, they aren't.  Many of the traditional garden hoses used by homeowners suffer from contamination buildup.  They may contain elements of lead and other hazardous particles.  You don't want to drink from any hose when you're out in your RV.  Instead, pick up a potable water drinking water hose.  These hoses should stay separate from the outdoor hose that you use to wash off the dirt and clean the area.  In other words, separate items create a sanitary space.

4.  A Sewer Kit

Keep your drinking water clean and be sure you can empty your sewer line properly.  These are two things you don't want to mess up.  Sewage is considered black and gray water, depending on what it is.  Most bathroom water is black, filled with bacteria that you don't want mixing with clean services or getting on you!  Ensure that you can fix any blockages and clean out your lines to avoid backups and overflows.  Have a sewer hose kit to clear out the plumbing and tanks. 

5.  A Tire Pressure System

You live and travel on tires.  If one of them blows out, you face several sticky situations: caught in a place you don't know or trying to steer without a wheel.  While you cannot prevent blowouts from happening, you could use a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to minimize unfortunate accidents.  Look for a monitoring device that lets you put a tag on each tire.  Then, keep tabs on the tire pressure as you cruise along the highway.  If you see anything concerning, pull over and inspect immediately.

Plan your travels and enjoy checking out new destinations.  There is a lot of country waiting out there.  Load up your RV with the right gear.  Be ready now to minimize hiccups and get you back on your RV journey.  After all, the fewer obstacles you endure, the more time you have to make beautiful memories.

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