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Planning an RV Trip
How You Can Stay Safe And Help The Environment

By Charlie Svensson 

Planning an RV Trip helps RVers maintain nature's delicate balance

Do you love hitting the road for some outdoor activities with your family and friends? So, what are you waiting for? Plan an RV trip this summer!

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Planning an RV Trip

Now, before you set out on that exciting RV trip, take a moment to think about the environment. After all, it is our responsibility to help maintain nature's delicate balance, especially when we're enjoying Mother Nature's beauty in its rawest form. This article covers the simple ways you can protect the environment during your time spent outdoors in an RV.

Protecting The Environment While RVing. What to Do

RVing is fun, especially when you get the chance to explore places of natural beauty such as mountains, coastlines, and national parks! But, you should be mindful that negatively impacting the environment can take its toll on Mother Nature. That is why it's important to follow certain guidelines to protect the environment while traveling in an RV.

Sustainability of the Environment When Travelling In an RV 

Traveling by road allows you to explore different parts of our planet, but do you know what impact these trips have on nature? According to Statista, every year, more than 30 million Americans hit the road with their RVs

And these numbers are only expected to rise in coming years! However, did you know that one of the most common causes of environmental damage during an outdoor trip is transportation? Be it air or land travel, both vehicles emit fumes that damage the environment.

On an RV trip, you're responsible for your waste disposal; this is where sustainability comes in. Here are some ways how you can help maintain nature's delicate balance; while enjoying outdoor activities on your RV trips

  • While taking a break at beautiful destinations along your route, try to use eco-friendly products like biodegradable soaps to avoid polluting local water sources. Remember, even unnoticeably small quantities of chemicals or soap residue can harm the environment.
  • Always empty your RVs' holding tanks properly. Give serious consideration to where you dispose of these wastes - do it away from housing areas, trails and streams.
  • Long hauls are always more comfortable on the inside. When traveling, try to use sustainable modes of transportation such as biodiesel-powered RVs or electricity generated by solar panels.
  • If you must take your gas guzzler on an RV trip, ensure it is prepped at least a week before you leave home. It's good to keep some bio-diesel in the tank along with regular fuel so that the vehicle can switch to cleaner fuel when necessary. Bio-diesel helps reduce harmful emissions during driving, and recharging electric vehicles is one of the best ways to protect the environment.
  • Keep your meals simple while out in nature. Instead of using aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or other disposable containers, opt for reusable ones. Also, avoid using paper plates and napkins.
  • Make sure to dispose of all wastes properly while RVing. Never dump waste in rivers or lakes; instead, use biodegradable products like kitty litter (which you can later compost) to absorb unwanted residues before throwing them out.
  • Ensure you follow the rules and regulations of local communities. When traveling in an RV/campervan, you need to make sure you follow the rules and regulations of local communities. This means abiding by rules like where you can park your RV and how long you can stay, especially in national parks.
  • Be mindful that some places such as South Carolina State Parks, beaches, and wildlands require Quiet Hours to be observed from 10 pm to 6 am. Noise pollution during this period is not allowed, and RVs must be well-maintained to avoid disturbing the environment and wildlife.
  • Never dispose of waste within 100 feet of bodies of water. Ensure all sewage tanks are properly sealed so that they do not leak or spill contents on the ground when parked at a campsite for a couple of days.
  • While setting up camps in places with no proper toilets or where most people opt not to use them to leave the environment clean, you must also follow suit. Avoid dumping sewage tanks anywhere except at approved dumpsites.
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Staying Safe During an RV trip. Include These Simple Safety Hacks While Planning An RV Trip 

  • Never sleep in the cargo area of your RV while traveling on a bumpy road. Suppose you get too tired while driving, pull over at a safe spot, and rest for a few hours before continuing with the journey.
  • Learn how to read traffic signs so that you can tell if it's not safe to overtake or reduce speed. Always use turn signals when changing lanes and avoid speeding.
  • Have the right tools and equipment on board. RV owners never travel without their toolkits, including axes, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. But it's also important to have jumper cables, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment on board.
  • Never travel at night or in bad weather conditions. If you must do so, make sure your headlights are working well enough to provide clear visibility on the road.

To Travel During Bad Weather

While RV camping is generally safe even during heavy rains or severe snowfalls, there are certain precautions you should take before leaving home. If you are towing a trailer, you should check that it is securely hitched to your tow vehicle.

  • Never rely only on the car heater to keep warm. Keep a blanket and an extra layer of clothing in the vehicle to keep you from getting too cold. If it's raining, make sure your windows do not get fogged up and causing visibility issues.
  • Never venture into nature alone. While camping, always goes as a group and stay in touch with members of your party as you set out to explore the surroundings.
  • Avoid exploring dangerous areas such as those where forest fires or flash floods are occurring. During summer months, check weather forecasts regularly so that you know what's coming and avoid setting up camp in narrow canyons where lighting is likely to strike.
  • Keep first aid kits on hand and ensure they contain all essentials to treat wounds that might get infected after contact with insect bites.
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In Closing

Everyone loves to go on an RV adventure, but it's important to keep safety in mind at all times. Additionally, you must take care of the environment and follow all rules and regulations guiding your local communities.

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