3 Tips for Choosing a Portable Ice Maker for an RV

Owning a portable ice maker for making ice isn't just practical; it's cost-effective

3 Tips for Choosing a Portable Ice Maker for an RV

By Ice Maker Geeks

Everyone knows that ice and RV's go hand in hand. When you are on vacation and in an RV, it seems like you use more ice than usual. It's excellent using ice for your beverages on those hot summers day as you lounge out watching those pass you by in the RV park. 

There are several ways that you can supply your family with ice while in your RV. 

You could spend big dollars and purchase ice from the RV park general store. These prices can be a little excessive, and you will never have enough. 

Another way to produce ice while in an RV is to use a freezer and make ice the old-fashion way, using ice cube trays. This method is slow and doesn't supply you with ice when you need it - now. 

The obvious choice for making ice while you're RVing, camping, or in your boat is to purchase a small portable ice maker. These units don't need to be large at all, and produce an estimated 27 pounds of ice each day. 

Owning a portable ice maker for making ice isn't just practical; it's cost-effective. You can save a bundle not running to a store to grab bags of ice all of the time. Plus, it's hard to know what type of water or what's in the water from ice manufacturers

I want to give you a quick guide that will help you make the right choice when purchasing a portable ice maker for your RV. 

Choose Light and Compact

When you are looking for an ice maker for your RV, it's essential to choose one that's light, compact and is easy to move around. You do not want to a portable ice maker that is hard to lift because whether you're camping, RVing, or in a boat, they will always need to be moved. 

A good weight for a portable ice maker for RVing would be between 15-20 pounds. Several ice machines are available on the market at the weight, and always checking the weight of the unit is the first step in choosing the right one.

If you purchase an ice maker that weighs more than 20 pounds, you're going to have great difficulty moving it around. I find that most people won't even use it because of the hassle of lifting it and transporting it. Choose a portable ice maker that's small, compact and that you can lift with minimal effort. 

Choose Durable

3 Tips for Choosing a Portable Ice Maker for an RV

Not all portable ice makers are created equal. Some units are not going to last very long at all on an RV. On RVs, you're always moving, and so is your ice maker. You need to choose one that's able to take the abuse. 

When I choose my ice maker for my RV, I didn't look at its aesthetics, even though I wanted an ice maker that looked nice. I made sure the ice maker could take a beating, and that it wasn't going to break the first day on the job. 

By reading the reviews of each ice maker, you get the idea of what abuse they can take. Some ice makers are made explicitly for RVs, camping, or aboard boats. This means that it's designed to take the environment that comes with this type of recreation. 

I am not saying that you should abuse your portable ice maker. I am saying choose one that's built tough, that can withstand the elements of RVing. 

Choose More Ice

Learn from my mistakes. 

Don't cheap out when it comes to ice production. 

It's a good rule of thumb to look for an ice maker that fits into your budget, that's light and compact, but makes as much ice as possible. 

The amount of ice that I found good was about 27 pounds of ice each day. Sometimes you use more than 27 pounds and other days you would use less, but that seems to be a good average amount.


Portable ice makers are your #1 solution for ice production on an RV. When choosing your portable ice maker, make sure that you follow these three helpful tips: choose compact and light, choose durable, and get a unit that makes at least 27 pounds of ice every 24 hours. 

If you follow these steps, then you're going to add an extra level to your RVing adventures. You're going to love having ice available to you whenever you need it.

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