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Protect Your RV Towed Vehicle from Getting Dirty and Damaged

An RV towing a vehicle behind it that is equipped with a rock deflector

Discover the essential tips to protect your RV towed vehicle while on the road. Keep your investment secure with our comprehensive guide.


How do you protect your RV towed vehicle from getting damaged and dirty when it's being towed?

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I need to tell you upfront that the only guaranteed way of keeping your towed vehicle (a.k.a. Toad)  damage-free is to tow it behind your RV in an enclosed car trailer.

That being said, I have listed a few types of devices that can be added to your RV, Towed Vehicle, Tow Bar, or Tow Dolly that can help keep your towed vehicle cleaner while also preventing damage to the vehicle from road debris.

Standard Mud Flaps

Your motorhome is most likely equipped with standard mud flaps. These flaps are located directly behind the rear wheels of the motorhome. They vary in length and how effective they are at keeping your Towed Vehicle (a.k.a. Toad) clean and damage-free.

RV Towing Guards

Unlike mud flaps, these towing guards go across the whole back of the motorhome and stop road grime and debris from kicking up onto the Toad. These guards come in all kinds of designs and use different types of materials, including some that are called brush guards because the material on the guard looks like a brush or broom.

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Tow Shield

A tow shield is a solid piece that attaches to the front of your existing tow bar or tow dolly and prevents dirt and debris from hitting your Toad.

Watch the video below to see an example of one of these Tow Shields made by Demco.

Car Bra

Attaching a car Bra to the front of your Toad will also help to prevent dirt and debris from getting on your Toad.

The bottom line is if you get in a good "Gully Washer" rainstorm none of the above is going to prevent you from having to wash the Toad.


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