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Supersize the Fun this Summer with a Rental RV 

Follow these five guidelines to make your summer RVing adventure the best one yet

Supersize the Fun this Summer with a Rental RV

Nothing is more fun in the summer than a great American road trip—and there is no better way to travel the roads than with a recreational vehicle. An RV allows you to go where you want and stop when you are ready. Frugal travelers can do what is known as boondocking, or dry camping, at little or no cost. Resorts and campgrounds cost more but offer amenities like tennis courts and swimming pools, with dining options close by. Options abound, so follow these five guidelines to make this summer your best one yet.

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Know Before You Go

Your first step must be deciding what you want from your summer. Is your main goal relaxation and leisure time? If so, a beach vacation or trip to the woods may be just the ticket. Do you seek adventure? Opt for back-country hiking, or head to the coast and learn to surf. Perhaps you prefer slightly less daring physical activity? 

National and state parks in every state offer memorable opportunities for hiking, cycling and kayaking. Or maybe you want to soak in culture, art, history and fine dining? Choose a more urban setting; RV resorts can be found near almost every major city in America. Once you know what you want out of your vacation, you can decide what kind of RV will best serve your purposes. 

RV rental is an affordable, sensible way to try out the various types of RV, from the small, versatile popup trailer to the luxurious all-inclusive motorhome. Check out some informative articles online to get started, then ask friends experienced with RV travel for advice on specific issues.

Plan Ahead

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Some of the most desirable locations sell out far in advance, so plan ahead. Don’t become discouraged if a park or campground is full; check for others in the area that may still have sites available. When scheduling your stops, keep your comfort in mind. Some people don’t mind driving 500 miles in a day, but for most people, the ideal distance is half that. 

Also remember that travel days usually have little time left over for play. If you are exploring a new area, give yourself at least four calendar days in the region: the arrival day, two full days to experience the place, and the day of departure. Skipping too frequently from one spot to the next may feel more like an exercise in packing and unpacking and less like a vacation.

Be Flexible

The key to having a good time is flexibility. No matter how well you plan a trip, things may change. From mechanical difficulties to traffic jams, there are many reasons for delays. You may reach a certain town a day later than intended, have to skip a stop altogether, or arrive at a park only to discover that what looked fine online feels unsafe in person. Alternatively, you may fall in love with the first place you visit and choose to spend your entire vacation in that area. Go with the flow, and good times will follow.

Go With Friends

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Discovering new and wonderful places is exhilarating. But it is even better to share those new places with friends. Having companions along makes the good times great, and the bad times bearable. Reach out to old friends you haven’t seen in ages, invite the neighbors, bring along extended family members. Travel is a bonding experience. In addition to learning about new places, you will also learn about each other. You just might learn a few things about yourself, too. 

Take Your Pet

For pet owners, one of the biggest hassles of taking vacations is getting someone to care for your pets while you are away. With RV travel, you don’t have to. What is more, you likely won’t want to. Like most dog owners, you probably enjoy walking your dogs, whether that means hiking up steep trails or strolling along city boulevards. Having a dog along can make it easier to meet new people. Best of all, when you go to bed at night, your furry friend can cuddle right next to you.

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