Four RV Bathroom Remodel Tips

RV bathroom

By Ella James

Here are four winter-inspired bathroom remodel tips

Renovating your RV bathroom can be a lot of fun. After all, it depends on how far you will take it and how much effort you are willing to put in. On this basis, you can create your very own unique RV bathroom.

Even if you’re not willing to make much of an effort, it’s stunning how many little touches can add to your RV’s winter coziness and use. 

For this reason, we have put together some of the very best RV bathroom remodel decorating tips. So, ready to read up our very best tips on RV remodeling tips for winter inspiration? Let’s get started!

What to Consider Before Renovating Your RV’s Bathroom

Whether you’re new to DIYing or almost a pro, an RV is a different thing. While most of the stuff is the same, you will be functioning fully in cramped areas. If you’re nervous at all about claustrophobia, it might not be for you.

One more consideration is the replacement of some of the elements in your bathroom, for example, a new sink or even installing tile. Even these changes can add extra weight to your RV. It can have a slight effect on your RV's fuel mileage. 

Start With The Floor

Cold floors mean a cold body. In the washroom, floor heating is an excellent way to be warmer in the winter. There was a period when carpeting was utilized to help warm the floors in the bathroom. However, Radiant Floor Heating is a way healthier and better option. Radiant bathroom flooring is not an inexpensive thing to do, but it is a bathroom modification that is worth the expense.


All amazing renovation projects begin with a paint job. In a washroom, it is particularly vital to ensure you apply semi-gloss or gloss paint. Glossy paint will make sure that the walls are simple to clean and be fresh-looking long after the paint gets cured and dried. 

Preparation before painting is also crucial in the bathroom. You will require to slightly scuff or sand the walls and apply primer before painting. Be sure to paint a minimum of two coats and let at least twenty-four hours drying time between each coat of paint. 

Drying and curing time is particularly crucial to make sure the paint does not peel. The prime reason is you will probably be getting lots of moisture into the washroom through steam from the sink and shower. Setting up and painting will make your bathroom look bright and modern. It is specifically crucial in a very little space. Keep in mind; you should choose bold and bright colors that can go with the winter season.

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Good Sam Club

Install A Shower Curtain

Many RV showers are provided with sliding glass doors. Occasionally, these have a relatively modern appearance, but these glass doors are pretty outdated. 

Surprisingly, it is not hard to discard these doors and restore them with a modest shower curtain. You are just required to unscrew the doors and its track and eliminate both pieces from the RV. Then, you can purchase a nice shower rod along with shower curtain hooks and shower curtains. 

As with all renovation choices, make sure to select a curtain that goes with the style of the bathroom. Try to purchase warm material for the curtain so that it can help you in winter.

Keep The Heat In The Bathroom

One of the primary things of energy preservation is to keep the heat in the bathroom in the winter. You can also apply it utilizing winter bathroom ideas. There are numerous different ways to put insulation in the washroom in the winter. Simple changes like heavier curtains will make your bathroom warmer and let you enjoy the warmth of the RV bathroom longer.


Remodeling your RV’s bathroom is relatively simple. No two RV bathrooms are exactly alike. Therefore, these ideas may not apply to all the bathrooms. Though, a mixture of these ideas will undoubtedly make your space look modern and updated while also giving you the warmth of winter. 

Additionally, you can install an RV Tankless Water Heater in your RV. It will also help you have an unlimited supply of hot water in your RV’s shower during the winter. After all, when you put in the right touches, it can effortlessly become the warmest place in the RV.

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