RV Bedding
Here's A Great Idea

Doing laundry on the open road can be tedious and time consuming, this RV bedding will solve this problem

RV Bedding Here's A Great Idea

By Jeff Solomon

Doing laundry on the open road can be tedious and time consuming. Making the bed, especially for guests can also be a pain not to mention making sure you have the proper sheets. Here is a product that will simplify your life and make laundry day easier.

Whether it's a close friend or the grandkids, extra bedding for them takes up room and must be clean. Then there is sizing to consider. Maybe you are lucky enough to have extra beds in your RV or you maybe you use inflatable mattresses for guests. Depending on how many guests you have and how many beds you have set up, as well as whether they are couples or singles, you will need different size sheets to accommodate overnight stays. 

There is one item that can alleviate all these variables, a travel sheet or sleep sack. A high quality travel sheet will be an all-in-one product. That means it will be similar to a sleeping bag with a special pocket (pillow pocket) at the head of the sheet to insert a pillow into. All you need to do is lay the travel sheet down on the mattress or inflatable and insert a pillow, no pillow case needed, into the pillow pocket. Now you have a bottom sheet, a top sheet and pillow case all-in-one. Just lay a blanket down and you have a completely made bed. No more wrestling with fitted corners or sloppy flat sheets. No more bulky hard to wash quilted sleeping bags. When your guests leave, you just throw the one sheet into the laundry and because the blanket doesn't touch the guest, it is clean and ready to be used again. 

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Sleep sacks come in variety of sizes from single to king size, but a single is probably the most versatile size. 

There are many brands and configurations of travel sheets as well as many different fabric contents. 

Comfort and easy maintenance are the most important attributes to consider in a travel sheet. You want your guests to be comfortable so high quality cotton is your best bet. Cotton will not be too insulating and it will breath well so your guests will not be too hot or too cool.

The whole point to using a sleep sack is to make your life easier so washing must be simple, just throw it in the washing machine and dryer. Fabrics like silk or bamboo will not stand up to repeat washings well and they certainly cannot be put in a dryer on high. Cheap cottons will shrink up to nothing if the dryer settings are too high, and synthetics can be hot and uncomfortable. Look for a cotton that is pre-shrunk with a thread count over 250. Buying a higher quality product will mean it will last much longer and be more comfortable. 

Allersac 100-Percent Cotton Travel Sheet

Another benefit to having a couple of travel sheets in your RV is that you now have them for yourself, for an unexpected hotel stay or if you're going to stay at someone else's RV overnight. You will be guaranteed to have yourself a clean set of sheets. Some travel sheet brands, like Allersac, will even help to protect you against bed bugs, scabies and dust mite allergens, or just dubious bedding. 

Searching the term " travelsheet " or " travel sheet " will get you all the information you need on this versatile and innovative product. 

Happy RVing.

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