5 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like a Home Away From Home

With a few simple tweaks, your RV can feel like the home away from home you've always desired

5 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like a Home Away From Home

So you finally purchased an RV. The travel bug has been biting all your life, and you decided to raise your comfort standards. After all, tents lose their appeal the more you use them, and you want a proper home to take on the road.

There's just one problem: it doesn't feel like home. Uncomfortable furniture, unpleasant decor, and a lack of personality can leave you feeling like you purchased a crummy motel room on wheels. But it doesn't have to be that way! With a few simple tweaks, your RV can feel like the home away from home you've always desired, especially with Lovesac sofa reviews.

1. Decorate the Walls

Bare white or grey walls are anything but welcoming. Pick a color that reflects your personality and transform the interior with paint. Next, throw up some posters or paintings. I like to display my travel photos and postcards. This doubles as an ongoing project to develop as you travel.

Wallpaper is another great option since you can easily remove it and switch out the pattern whenever you feel like without damaging the walls or adding coat after paint coat. You can further protect your walls by hanging items up with command hooks or adhesive velcro strips.

2. Improve the Lighting

Yellow-tinged overhead lights can leave any RV looking drab and unattractive. Ditch them in favor of lamps. The vibrant glow added to every corner of your space can make it feel much cozier. Floor and table lamps are good choices, but keep an eye out for hangable lights too. Any saved floor space is worth the trouble.

3. Maximize Comfort for Sleeping and Sitting

Even high-dollar RVs sometimes come with beds and couches that will leave you with a back and neck so sore you won't feel inclined to explore and hike the next morning. Considering you spend a third of your day sleeping, it's essential to pick something comfortable.

Pull-out couches are very common in the RV world so that you might feel resigned to the discomfort usually provided. It doesn't have to be that way! Check out Lovesac's Sactionals for the best of both worlds. Lovesac sofa reviews consistently rate them as the best in the business.

4. Lay Out an Area Rug

Carpeting is the most comfortable material for your feet, but it can be a massive pain to clean, especially if you come in and out on dirty boots from your outdoor adventures. Compromise by using an area rug. You'll get all the comfort of carpet on bare feet with the added benefit of being able to remove and clean it. Just be sure to measure the dimensions before you purchase anything.

5. Bring life into your RV with Plants

Though space is limited, few things make a home feel more alive than the literal presence of life. Situate your plant of choice near a window and let it bask in sunlight wherever you go. I recommend succulents for their durability and pleasant appearance.

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Final Thoughts

Breathing life and personality into your RV can be both easy and fun, and on long trips, you can keep homesickness at bay with just a few improvements. Get started with our list today. Happy travels!

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