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How to Add Extra RV Sleeping Space for kids 

Here are some ingenious solutions you can use in your RV to create more sleeping space

How to Add Extra RV Sleeping Space for kids

By: Trish Boudreaux

In an RV, adding an extra sleeping space is not as simple as converting an unused room into a bedroom. Space is already a limited commodity. So you have to be creative in figuring out where to put an extra bed, sleeping bag or air mattress for a kid or two.

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Here are some ingenious solutions you can borrow for use in your own RV. See which one is best for your situation.

Use the Cab 

If you have a spacious cab, you can easily add a sleeping space there. Even if it will be small, it will most likely be big enough for a kid.

The most common solution is to add a bed above the cab, leaving about a foot or two between the bed and the top of the cab. Then add a ladder for accessing the bed. If the cab is wide enough you can even DIY two narrow beds on either side or one large bed which two kids can share. 

Instead of having your kid climb up the bed, you can also design an overhead cab bed that drops down when you are not driving. 

If the above-cab idea is not ideal for you, you can also find space next to the driver’s seat. Simply find a way to reconfigure the passenger area such that you can convert it into a bed when you are not on the move. 

If this still doesn’t work for you another option is to use the two captain chairs in the cab to form a bed. Turn the chairs to face each other and then place a sleeping platform on them. You may need to add some form of center support for the bed between the chairs. 

Add an Overhead Bed 

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If a cab bed is not workable in your situation there are many other areas you can add an overhead bed. 

You can add one over another bed, the kitchen area, the dinette or anywhere else where you have extra height. 

Don’t forget to add a ladder going up the bed. Also add a reading lamp above the bed or on the side. It can make the space feel more comfortable for kids. 

Multipurpose Surfaces 

For RVers, creating multipurpose utility out of items and furniture is essential to our way of life. Apply this ruthless utilitarianism to find existing surfaces that you can convert into sleeping areas when necessary. 

A good example is a dinette. You can either use a table and chairs that convert into a bed at night or place a removable sleeping platform over the chairs. 

The sofa in the sitting area also makes for a comfortable bed. Just find a couch that unfolds into a bed. If it’s big enough it can even sleep two kids. 

Folding and Collapsible Beds

These are great for small spaces where you need the bed out of the way during the day. 

Some beds can be collapsed into a compact size and stowed away under the couch or another bed. Others fold into reclining chairs. 

If you have two kids, look for collapsible bunk cots. At night you can extend them upwards to create two beds for two kids. During the day, they can be collapsed into a single seating area. 

Murphy/Wall Bed

This is another great space-saving solution. The bed folds into the wall during the day and can be pulled back down to create a bed at night.

Some trailers actually come with murphy beds as an option. But if yours doesn’t have one, you can build your own from scratch or buy an RV murphy bed kit that comes with everything you need to install one. 

Sleeping Bags and Air Mattresses

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How to Add Extra RV Sleeping Space for kids

If you are not living permanently in the RV, sleeping bags are perfect for kids

You can put them just about anywhere and then fold them up and store them out of the way in the morning. 

Another good sleeping idea especially if you are planning to stay in the RV for months at a time is using an air mattress. Like a sleeping bag, you can set it up in many places and then deflate it and store it out of the way when not in use. 

A Warm Corner for a Baby Cot

If you have a little one or are expecting one soon, you’ll need a comfortable sleeping area. Unlike other beds, this one will have to be permanent since babies spend most of their time sleeping. 

Because you’ll be using a tiny cot or a portable crib, a small warm corner of the RV is enough. To keep noise and excess light out, find a way to add thick curtains around that corner.

Most baby cribs are big enough for kids to sleep in until they are around 2 years. 

Note: When designing a mini-nursery, you should consider adding a comfy recliner or arm chair next to the cot for mum to hold and breastfeed the baby in peace and quiet. 

About The Author

Trish, which is her pen name, is a New Orleans native who works in the insurance industry. She is married and enjoys reviewing and testing out new mattresses in a quest for the best night’s sleep.  She is honest and upfront without being pushy or sales driven. Read More.

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