Top 4 Best RV Technological Advancements

With the rise of RV travel, or just the passing of the summer solstice, you may be feeling inspired to take more camping trips. If you work remotely, camping is a great way to switch up your “office” space and give yourself a refresh. It is easy to work from an RV, and there are tools to make traveling an efficient and satisfying experience. Whether you have an RV already sitting in your driveway, or you are planning to buy one, here are some tips to ensure that you and your new home-on-wheels are high tech and comfortable.

Top 4 Best RV Technological Advancements

Purchase a Solar Panel Setup

Solar panels are the most eco-friendly way to have power while traveling or living in your mobile home. They can be easily installed and harness light from the sun to power your RV. This is a free method of obtaining power and is as simple as placing the panels in direct sunlight. Solar energy cuts down on harmful fumes produced by generators, as well as noise. You won’t always have access to electricity hookups at campgrounds, so it is important to establish a reliable energy source that won’t let you down. Solar panels can harness energy from a sunny day that can last you a few days or even weeks

Utilize a Tracking System

If you plan on taking your RV camper cross-country, you should invest in a tracking program. Programs like these allow you to share your location with family members, which can be valuable in areas with no cell service. This is especially helpful if you plan to travel alone. These services also help you easily locate a stolen vehicle if your RV is stolen. Stolen RV’s can be quite difficult to track down, and a tracking software can be incredibly valuable. A program like this is both easy to find, and easy to use. A simple google search will show you the best fleet tracking software available.

Invest in a Backup Camera

RV campers are much larger than traditional family vehicles and can be hard to operate -especially in reverse. Installing a backup camera can relieve the stress of hitting other vehicles, trees, or people, and save your travel partner from having to stand outside of the camper to direct you during a thunderstorm. Backup cameras can relieve the stress of pulling into a difficult parking or camping spot.

Install a Cell and WI-FI Signal Booster

These can be invaluable when you find yourself in the middle of the woods, needing to make a call or meet a project deadline. Many people work remotely and are still able to spend most of their time traveling in an RV, thanks to signal boosters. It is important that you can travel and have a strong signal to make life on the road sustainable. There is nothing worse than needing to send a text or watch the most recent episode of your favorite show and having no service. It is important to stay connected, even during your travels.

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RV camping life is immensely popular right now. Traveling in a RV can be easy, fun and relaxing, especially if you take the time to update your camper’s technology. It is better to be over prepared than underprepared when it comes to camping and traveling on the road. Using solar energy is an easy, ecofriendly alternative to gas-guzzling generators. Tracking systems give you the ultimate peace of mind that your friends and family know where you are headed. They also ensure that thieves will not get far in your motorhome. Installing a back-up camera is a great way to prevent dents, scratches, and unnecessary stress. Lastly, a signal booster will keep your cell service and internet speed at an all-time high. RV camping is a great way to see the world and connect with nature. Be sure to make your experience the best it can be before you hit the road.

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