3 Tips to Get a Great Night's Sleep in Your RV

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These tips will help you get a great nights sleep in your RV

Road trips have become increasingly popular. The vehicle of choice for a lengthy road trip is an RV. There are so many benefits to traveling in an RV. Road tripping in an RV means having control over your itinerary, the ability to bring some of your favorite items with you, the option to take a break from your activities whenever you want, and the ability to save significantly on food for your trip. It is important to plan for daily life activities when RVing, including getting a good night's rest. If you're planning a prolonged RV road trip, here are a few tips to ensure that you always get the rest you need to make the most of your trip.

Choose the Right Mattress

Choosing a mattress for your RV is much the same as selecting the right mattress for any other situation, and common mattress shopping tips will apply. If you are sharing your RV with a partner, make sure you consult with one another before choosing a mattress.

The most common options are a traditional innerspring mattress, a foam or latex mattress, or a hybrid combination of two or more of these choices. Each of these options has different benefits, and it really comes down to your individual needs. Those who like a traditional feel with a lot of bounce might want an innerspring, whereas foam and latex are great choices for those who need extra support for back issues. A hybrid mattress can be the perfect combo for some, while it might feel like it doesn't maximize the benefits of any particular mattress for others.

The best way to search for the perfect mattress is to visit showrooms and actually try the beds out. If not, shop around and choose mail-order mattresses with generous return policies if you don't love the mattress as much as you think you will.

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Plan Ahead for the Best Rest

In order to get the best quality sleep, you need to plan ahead a bit. You will have a much wider choice of RV parks and campsites if you plan your trip so that you are pulling into a site on a weekday rather than a weekend. If you have the option of many different sites when you arrive at a park, make choices that maximize the chance that you'll sleep well through the night.

Although parking close to bathrooms, grilling sites, or recreational facilities can make daytime living a little more convenient, it may not be the best choice for getting great sleep due to the noise that comes along with all of these locations. It's actually more restful to park toward the back of the park, a bit away from the high traffic areas.

Block Out Noise

When you go shopping for your RV, take the time to do some research and be willing to pay a bit more for a vehicle with good wall insulation. Insulation will help you keep the temp in your RV just right, but it will also make a big difference in how much outside noise makes its way into your sleeping space.

Consider bringing in some white noise when it's time to sleep. The gentle hum of a fan is all some people need, and it will also increase air circulation. You can also invest in a White Noise Machine; they're inexpensive and can be gotten at any big box store. Alternatively, you can use your phone to play nature sounds.

RV road trips are a great vacation option, but they can present some challenges, including getting a good night's sleep. Make an investment in a really good mattress for your RV. Pay attention to more than the scenery when choosing your RV parking spot since some areas are more restful than others. Great insulation in your RV will block out most noise, and you can use simple tech to filter out the rest. Use these tips, and you'll sleep like a baby.

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