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Staying Healthy While RVing

Here are some tips for staying healthy while RVing

By Haley Kieser

Here are some tips for staying healthy while RVing

Why staying healthy while RVing is important. Because RV Road trips can be exciting and wonderful. Just imagine, you and your favorite people hopping into an RV and driving into the sunset. There is just a great sense of freedom that resonates with being able to stop wherever you desire and experience new air. However, there is drawbacks lingering in those long hauls. Most importantly, your health. On any road trip, it is easy to ditch concerns about your health and enjoy the open road. But when adventuring for a long period of time, it is best to keep staying healthy at the top of your mind. Here are the best ways of staying healthy while RVing.

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You can subscribe to the Everything About RVing YouTube Channel for some great videos about RVing

Maintain good posture

When on a long road trip, you will notice that the first thing to start hurting is your back. Sometimes, placing a firm cylinder pillow behind your lower back will help you maintain an upright posture. This is also a great exercise outside of the RV. At first it may seem weird and unnatural, but as time goes on, you will grow adjusted to sitting up straight and you will wonder why you have never done it before. This will save you in the long run and prevent that horrid chronic back pain! 

Stretch when you can

Here are some tips for staying healthy while RVing

Make sure to stop frequently and stretch. Some great stretches would consist of stretching your hamstrings and lower back. Try putting your feet shoulder width apart, bending over, and dropping your hands to your feet. Make sure to keep breathing. This is a great stretch that will keep your sciatic nerve from being pinched. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to this happening!

Maybe even consider stopping in the woods or in a gorgeous area to have a team yoga session. That tends to get everyone laughing and relaxed.

Drink water

Studies show that most people become tired halfway through the day because they are not drinking enough water. We all know it’s not healthy for yourself and those around you to drive while tired. Quality water consumption will satisfy your thirst, keep you healthy, and keep your energy going. Of course, you might have to make more stops than usual but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  Bring some nice refillable water bottles for everyone aboard to fill up at rest stops and avoid soda or sweet coffee drinks that tend to dehydrate you.

Protect your eyes

It is an easy thing to forget, but make sure you bring your favorite pair of sunglasses. Blocking those harmful rays from the sun is crucial to keeping your vision clear for the road, as well as protecting your eyes in the long run. Light colored eyes take more damage from the sun, so keep that in mind next time you are out on the road.

Speaking of the sun, it would be fitting to add that you should protect your skin from the sun as well. Grab some nice SPF 30 sunscreen and apply it in sensible intervals to keep protected from the sun.

Dress comfortably

Nothing is worse than driving for countless hours in jeans. It is very uncomfortable and can get hot. Not to mention that if your jeans are too tight, you will cut off blood flow. This can cause you to get drowsy over time. Go ahead and put on some comfy shorts or sweats with a free-flowing shirt.  You will thank yourself later for doing this.

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Have more than one driver

Here are some tips for staying healthy while RVing

I understand completely that the RV is your pride and joy. It’s pretty nerve-racking handing over the wheel to another person. I say take out someone that is skilled at driving and teach them how to drive the RV. Once you teach them how you would like them to drive your RV, you will feel less stressed and anxious when they take the wheel. This is good because you can have a full body stretch and nap in the back while letting the sounds of the road lull you to sleep. Once you feel well rested, you can take the wheel again and feel excited and rejuvenated rather than bored and tired

Bring healthy snacks

Healthy and nutritious snacks could be the difference between a smooth drive, or a long bumpy one. You don’t want your digestive system distracting you from staying focused. This is crucial for safety and to enjoy your trip more. Try apples, bananas, oranges, or healthy granola bars. Try and stay away from the junk food. I know it’s tempting, but think of this as an exercise in self-control! 

There you have it. Now you will be the ultimate driving machine that everyone trusts behind the wheel. At the end of the day, it is important that you can keep you and your friends and family safe and healthy. You can now see why staying healthy while RVing is so important


Why is it important to maintain good posture while driving an RV?

Maintaining good posture is crucial to prevent chronic back pain. Using a firm cylinder pillow behind your lower back helps maintain an upright posture, reducing the risk of back discomfort during long drives.

What are some effective ways to stretch and stay flexible during RV trips?

Regular stretching is essential. Hamstring and lower back stretches, such as bending over with feet shoulder-width apart and touching your feet, help prevent pinching of the sciatic nerve, common in prolonged sitting.

How does drinking water contribute to a healthy RVing experience?

Staying hydrated by drinking enough water keeps energy levels up and reduces fatigue, which is vital for safe driving. Refillable water bottles are recommended for convenient hydration.

Why is eye and skin protection important during RV trips?

Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from harmful sun rays, maintaining clear vision for driving. Applying SPF 30 sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage, especially during prolonged exposure while on the road.

What are the benefits of having more than one driver and bringing healthy snacks?

Multiple drivers allow for rest breaks, reducing stress and fatigue. Choosing healthy snacks like fruits and granola bars aids in maintaining focus and avoiding digestive discomfort, ensuring a smoother and safer journey.

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