3 Upgrades That Can Make Your RV a Tiny Home

You can make an RV a tiny home on wheels

3 Upgrades That Can Make Your RV a Tiny Home

RVs represent an immense amount of freedom. They can be put to use for a perfect vacation, or they can help you take the road less traveled for a unique travel experience. You can even make an RV a home on wheels. Here’s what you need to know in order to upgrade an RV into a tiny home on wheels.

Solar Panels

RVs can allow you to make any trip more comfortable and more like home by offering a suite of modern amenities at your fingertips, even out in the wilderness. However, the need for electrical connections can lead to being locked into an RV park for camping trips, and that can defeat the purpose of the freedom RVs have to offer. However, electricity can be made to be just as mobile as your RV itself. By installing a solar power system, you can bring a fully self-sufficient electrical system with you wherever you go, giving you total freedom and comfort. 

Solar panels are much more cost-effective than traditional electrical generation models, and science is quickly closing the gap inefficiency that makes them an inferior option. However, there’s no denying that solar panels are much more mobile and modular than the typical electrical grid. This means that not only can you create a sustainable power source for your home away from home, but you can do so in a way that won’t slow you down. 

Investing in a solar power batteries can help you make the most of solar panels by allowing you to store the charge during the day that can be used around the clock, overcoming the biggest weakness of solar energy, its dependence on the sun.

Tiny Home Staples

Turning your RV into a tiny home is a great idea, but it presents many logistical problems. However, the tiny house movement has a number of solutions to these problems in the form of various space savers. For example, you can use unconventional trash cans to give yourself the ability to dispose of garbage without losing too much of your vital real estate. 

Collapsible containers are a great idea because they can be folded up and put away at any time that they’re not in use, freeing up space when it might otherwise go to waste. On the other hand, you can repurpose various small containers to give yourself a place to dispose of small amounts of waste without committing to a full-size trash can. 

Collapsible furniture is a staple among tiny house owners because it can give you a more complete tool kit for your RV without using up all of your available space by allowing you to make certain seating or storage areas disappear on a whim.

Insulating Your RV

Whether you want a home on wheels or just a comfortable place to sleep during camping trips, there are certain shortcomings of RVs that need to be addressed for optimal comfort. One of the most important is the lack of insulation. Because RVs aren’t built to be lived in for long periods of time and often see the majority of their use during the summer, a lack of insulation is a common problem for RVs. 

However, there are a few easy ways to improve this problem to make the space more livable in colder weather. For example, you can apply a layer of bubble wrap or insulating foam to your windows to avoid losing valuable warmth, and you can improve upon your windows further by sealing them with caulk.

“RV” may stand for “recreational vehicle,” but these camping staples can be so much more. Along the same lines as the tiny house movement, RVs can be customized to provide a more permanent living space to those with the need for a cost-effective living space or provide a more mobile lifestyle for the adventurous type. These tips can help you get the most out of your RV.

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