Benefits of Installing a Truck Cap for Camping

A truck cap, is also known as a bed cap or topper, is an enclosed canopy for the bed of your pickup truck

By John Coker 

A Truck Cap changes your pickup truck into an enclosed room

A truck cap, is also known as a bed cap or topper, is an enclosed canopy for the bed of your pickup truck. Caps are crucial in keeping tools and other gear secure and safe, with space for customization options such as side windows and shelving. For campers, a truck can function as a semi-housing unit.

Interestingly, a truck cap is supposed to be fitted and sit cab-high, lower at mid-rise, or slightly above a high-rise topper. If you are planning to get a truck cap, perhaps you heard your friend talk about it or want to go camping; here are some of the benefits of a Truck Cap.

Benefits of Truck Caps for Outdoor Camping

  • A topper changes your pickup truck into an enclosed room
  • Improve performance and work efficiency
  • Changes your truck into a mobile camper
  • Other benefits
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1. A topper changes your pickup truck into an enclosed room

Once you decide to have a topper for your truck, it transforms the open bed into an enclosed space. It is pretty good to have an enclosed bed because it allows weather-resistant transportation. Amazingly, you will not be constrained to carrying items only suitable for outdoor with a topper. You can comfortably carry electronics, sporting equipment, firearms, and many more things that need protection from getting wet.

You can securely transport your belongings and even leave them unattended with a topper once you have locked the topper. Moreover, these toppers have side windows which lock to keep the interior secure. You can also install lighting in the cap. Several existing lights options are powered by the pickup's electrical system, like LED rope and LED dome lights.

2. Improve performance and work efficiency

This is another benefit that arises from fitting your truck with a topper or cap, especially for contractors and campers who carry large loads. There is a particular topper for construction workers. However, the existing one can be modified. Modification can be installing roof racks that can carry long items like ladders. Interesting, there are several cap heights and rear doors to select from depending on the work you're doing or intending to do while camping. If you plan on hauling huge loads, you must install a track on the roof of the topper and some crossbars. A track will allow you to move the crossbar spread, enabling good load versatility.

3. Changes your truck into a mobile camper

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A truck cap, is also known as a bed cap or topper, is an enclosed canopy for the bed of your pickup truck

Converting your truck into a mobile camper is a great benefit for every truck owner. A topper turns the bed on your pickup into a water-resistant room which is very comfortable and can be used as a sleeping space. Toppers can come with finished upholstery installed from the factory, like interior walls and ceiling to give a comfortable environment. However, it's possible to outfit the camping truck-bed from the casual camper, making it a suitable living space for the weeks you're camping.

You can take time and effort to build a whole home away from home by adding some raised space to lay a mattress and using the underneath space for storage purposes. A truck cap for camping comes in handy when it comes to camping because it provides dry, safe, and reliable space instead of building the entire camper.

4. Other benefits

Truck caps are beneficial and have other uses besides being a  theft deterrent, camping, and weather protection. This additional benefit includes a topper improving your vehicle's fuel economy. A topper can redirect the airflow, improving your truck's miles per gallon at an estimate of 10%. Saving on fuel economy means having some additional money to spend on camping or any other activity. Some of these benefits include:

  • They are waterproof
  • Can withstand heavy winds
  • The interior provides more warmth and comfort
  • Hard-sided campers are secured

In short, a truck cap is worth investment to all truck owners. As much as you know the reasons why you need a topper, be least assured that more benefits are expected besides the primary one. However, it is important to consult a truck cap specialist if you have decided to get one for your pickup. Avoid the hassle of building a camper by installing a truck cap instead.

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