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We Can't Get Water Out Of The Fresh Water Tank On Our RV

by Donald
(Schaumburg, IL)

Troubleshooting No Water Being Pumped to RV's Sink

Troubleshooting No Water Being Pumped to RV's Sink

We put 50 gallons of water this past weekend in the back water tank of our 1985 PACE Arrow RV. Only to find out that the water would not come out of the spigot.

ANSWER: Hi Donald, the tank you are referring to is your fresh water tank. When you are not hooked up to city water at an RV park; the fresh water tank will provide water to the RV.

In order to use the water out of the RV's fresh water tank you need to turn on the RV's water pump. Usually in the RV there is a switch marked water pump that you need to turn on.

The location of this switch varies by the type, model and year of your RV. I cannot tell you the exact location of the switch in your RV, but normally the switch is clearly marked.

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Once the switch is turned on the water pump should start pumping water when you open up one of your faucets and stop running when the faucet is turned off.

If the switch is on and the water pump does not come on when you open up the faucet, it could be due to a blown fuse or bad water pump.

If the water pump comes on but does not pump water or does not turn off when you shut off the faucet, then you could have other problems with the fresh water system in your RV. You should read the answer I gave to RV Water Pump Runs But Does Not Pump Water to get further details on what you can do to solve the problem.

I hope this helps.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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To answer your question:
by: Shawn

Reading the OP's post, his actual question was "How do we drain the water out of the tank?"

The answer to that question is you have to locate the low-level drain on the tank and open the valve or petcock that is on the line. Sometimes the valve is under the the RV, and sometimes there's a valve on the control panel for the water system. You'll just have to look around and find where it it located.

water pump
by: Anonymous

Also remember it's a 1985 year...it's a good chance the water pump may have never been replaced...it could be weak and will not self prime...it may need to be replaced. I had a weak pump in a 1981 and it would not prime...I replaced the pump and the problem was solved...

Fresh water tank use
by: Anonymous

Also, make sure the fresh water valve is turned from on to off for the pump to work. If it is left on to receive freshwater "on" the water will not flow through the pipes...at least that's the way it is on mine.

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