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How to Work Remotely While Enjoying RVing With Your Family

These tips will help you work remotely while enjoying RVing with your family

How to Work Remotely While Enjoying RVing With Your Family

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By Arnold Rogers

Recreational vehicles (RVs) can provide a thrilling and adventurous experience for you and your family, whether you’re rolling down the road during summer vacation or a weekend getaway. 

RVing also provides your family with more flexibility in maintaining a work-life balance. It allows you to enjoy recreational activities, such as Rving.

The Pew Research Center reported that 54% of Americans want to telework after the coronavirus outbreak ends(1). Here are some ways to make working and studying more efficient when bundled with RV travel.

1. Get the Internet Setup Right

Having an unstable wireless connection can cause a lot of problems while RVing.  It’s critical for working parents and studying children to have a good connection to outdoor access points

The right setup can include components like an unlimited data plan. This approach ensures you maintain web connectivity even when you’re in remote areas like mountains. Always check your RV’s cell signal before you hit the road.  

Should you consider using RV park wifi? It’s an option, but you might have to deal with slow load times. While free campground wifi is good, if you want a steadier wireless connection, then consider possible alternatives.

2. Set Aside Hours for Working and Studying

If your family is working and studying while RVing, you’ll have more freedom than when being stuck in a physical office or school building. 

While you don’t have to maintain a 9-to-5 workday or standard school day hours, you should determine how much you want to work and when.   

Remember, you’ll have less flexibility if you’re a remote worker with a job and boss rather than an RVing entrepreneur. 

In both cases, the key is to find the balance between working enough to earn a living and working so much you forget to have fun as a digital nomad.   

3. Dress Up to Look, Feel, and Work Better 

When working while RVing, think twice about options like business and jogging suits. You can wear comfortable work clothes. On the other hand, it’s also important to avoid being overly casual with comfy pajamas, for example. 

The reason is, even if you’re in a flexible work environment, you still should get into work mode when telecommuting from your RV.

Another factor to consider is you might have to take or make video calls while on the road. 

Whether you’re using Slack, Skype, Zoom, or another communications platform, get cleaned up and wear business casual. Your boss, coworkers, or clients might see you!   

Even if you’re not making video calls, you should still consider focusing on neat clothes and personal hygiene. A sloppy appearance could lead to sloppy work

4. Create a Space for Working and Studying

It’s important to create a designated work area for tasks like writing reports and reading books. Ensure you have absolutely everything you need at your workstation, including:

● Computer

● Mobile phone

● Charger

● Work materials

● Papers

One of the main benefits of this remote option is you won’t have to move all your work equipment and materials at the end of your work session. Some options in an RV work area include the following:

● Sofa

● Dinette

● Picnic table 

Make sure that the workspace is only designed for working and studying. This setup can help limit the disruptions to you and your family members while getting work done or hitting the books.

Having a special virtual office space can make you and your family more efficient employees or students. You can avoid long setup times and be more comfortable by living an RV lifestyle.   


1. How the coronavirus has and hasn’t changed the way Americans work https://www.pewresearch.org/social-trends/2020/12/09/how-the-coronavirus-outbreak-has-and-hasnt-changed-the-way-americans-work/

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