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Funny RVing Story
Woman's first Solo RVing Trip included: A Dogfight and Streaking

Funny and True

Woman’s first Solo RVing Trip included Streaking

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On my 1st trip with my New C Class, I found the front Curtain and put it up for the 1st time. Not realizing I had left a large open gap in the curtain by the front window.

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I came in from taking the Dogs for a walk and noticed I had 2 neighbor guys grilling out next to where I was parked. 

I Went in the camper and gave the dogs their treats. And went into the bathroom to take a shower. While I was in the bathroom the dogs started a huge dogfight over the treats in the front of the camper.

So I ran out of the shower in my birthday suit to break up the dogfight I noticed the large gap in the curtain the side of the camper window towards where the neighbors were grilling. I was now in full view if you know what I mean. 

There was no way they could have missed my accidental striptease show.

Boy, was I glad to see they had left before me the next morning.

Now I always double check that the curtain is closed!!!

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