Smart Ways To Finance An RV

"Here are a few things to consider as you finance an RV"

Smart Ways To Finance An RV

Smart Ways To Finance An RV
By: Jim Johnson

Unless you have a lot of money saved up, you will most likely need to arrange some form of financing when you buy an RV or motorhome. And of course, financing often seems like a black hole where you know what goes in and what comes out at the end, but the whole process in the middle seems a bit confusing. So here are a few things to consider as you finance your new purchase:

First keep in mind that this is where you can lose more money than anywhere else in the negotiating process if you aren't careful. Over the life of a loan the interest that you pay can add up to an incredible sum and sometimes even rival the cost of the entire motorhome itself. So smart shopping is essential here

It's usually best to avoid dealer financing if at all possible for a few reasons. One is that they are not in the loan business for free. They expect to make money on the sale of a motorhome loan to you. That means that they have worked out a deal with the finance companies that they use to get paid a portion of every loan they write. So you are dealing with a middleman. It may be convenient, but you pay something for that convenience. It is often better to arrange your own financing instead where you deal directly with the lender and avoid any dealer markup on the loan.

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By shopping online you can usually come up with a very good financing arrangement on your own. Most often dealing with a loan company that specializes in RV loans will be a good bet as they are familiar with the industry and the needs of the motorhome buyer. A very popular financing option is to use the loan company featured by The Good Sam Club. When you join their club they offer some great financing options that are usually very attractive to most RVers.

Of course, how good the financing arrangement you get is will be determined often by how good your own credit history has been. But unless you have a horrible credit past you should be able to get a motorhome loan in the vicinity of 10 percent or even less. This is especially true if you are putting 20 percent or so of the purchase into the deal as a down payment. And keep in mind that the more of your own money that you use to pay down the cost of the RV, usually the better the financing arrangements you can get. This is because you are assuming more of the financial risk of the purchase and lending institutions like to see that.

So think ahead before arranging your own motorhome financing and it can save you lots of money.

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