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How to improve cellular coverage in your RV

Poor cell phone reception is caused by two major factors

How to improve cellular coverage in your RV

How to improve cellular coverage in your RV
By Vanessa Kabanyana

Are you wondering why you have poor cell reception in some areas while RVing? Bad or poor cell phone reception is caused by two major factors. 

Distance from the cell tower: If the distance from your location to the cell tower is very far, you are most likely to receive a poor cell phone signal.

Obstructions: This could be anything blocking your signal. Many factors can reduce cell phone reception. This could include forests, mountains, tall and large buildings, trees, construction materials and it could also be your RV (some RVs are made of materials that block phone signals like metals).

When you have an emergency while traveling, the most important thing is to stay connected. That’s why as an RVer you should always be prepared to stay connected even in places with poor reception.

To prevent bad cellular coverage and dropped calls, investing in a signal booster is the best solution.  A signal booster improves cellular coverage inside your RV. 

Cell boosters consist of four main parts: the outside antenna, the booster/amplifier, the inside antenna, and connecting cables. Combining these parts together will boost your coverage in your RV

American Booster RV Plus - Cell Phone Signal Booster

American Booster’s Benefits
(Pictured Above)

  • Improves Voice Signals
  • Reduces Dropped Calls
  • Boosts Data Speeds
  • No Additional Monthly Fee
  • Supports Multiple Users
  • Extends Phone Battery Life
  • 2G, 3G, 4G LTE Coverage
  • Easy Installation

How It Works
Anytime, Anywhere Stay Connected

How to improve cellular coverage in your RV

Contact American Booster

Website: www.americanbst.com 

E-mail: support@americanbst.com

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