Top 6
Amenities at Luxury RV Resorts

An RV resort offers some attractive amenities 

Top 6 Amenities at Luxury RV Resorts

Pictured above Bluewater Key® A Luxury RV Resort

By Kevin Gardner

If you are looking for an interesting and potentially lucrative venture in the hospitality industry, consider opening a luxury RV resort. A resort is different from the RV parks and campgrounds that many people are familiar with. For one thing, luxury RV resorts often favor long-term leases over daily rentals. Some resorts even sell their spaces instead of renting them. 

These resorts are for people who want to stay for a season rather than those who are just looking for a place to park overnight. Therefore, you should consider opening one in a southerly location where the weather is temperate. Then you can serve the snowbirds who spend several months away from the cold weather in the winter.

Obviously, if you want to open a luxury RV resort worthy of the name, you have to offer some attractive amenities meant to cater specifically to the clientele you want to attract. These have to be bigger and better than what they would find at a typical campground.

1. Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a pretty standard feature of many campgrounds and RV parks. Therefore, you have to up the ante. Luxury RV resorts are more likely to feature interesting pool designs Charleston, maybe even custom designs. You may want to consider heating your pool or adding decorative features such as fountains. If you intend to gear your RV resort towards families, you may want to consider creating a small private aquatic park with waterslides and wading pools.

2. Cleaning Staff

People who stay at luxury RV resorts typically drive the largest and most self-contained recreational vehicles. Many resorts cater specifically to these RV owners, refusing entrance to smaller vehicles. These are people who want to enjoy all the comforts of home with none of the inconveniences. You can meet this need by hiring cleaning staff to provide housekeeping services inside the vehicle according to a schedule determined by the RV owner.

3. On-Site Security

Top 6 Amenities at Luxury RV Resorts

Your clientele have made a significant investment in purchasing a top-of-the-line recreational vehicle. The last thing they want is for someone to break in and steal or vandalize it. They may also have concerns about the possessions they keep within the vehicle. You can alleviate these fears by providing on-site security guards 24 hours a day.

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4. Ocean Access

Oceanfront property on which to build an RV resort comes at a premium, but the investment can pay off if you can offer your guests exclusive access to the beach and the ocean. The clientele you are targeting are likely willing and able to pay extra for the chance to set up camp on their very own private stretch of beach, from which they can fish, boat, or just play in the water or on the sand.

5. Fitness Center

Top 6 Amenities at Luxury RV Resorts

A luxury RV resort is typically designed for people to stay on a long-term basis. Many are health conscious and want a safe way to keep in shape while enjoying their time. These people find an on-site fitness center enormously convenient and are appreciative of it. Be sure to include a variety of exercise equipment so that your clientele will have enough options to keep them interested and motivated. Many of your clientele may be retirees with joint health issues. Therefore, be sure to include low-impact options, such as stationary bikes and ellipticals.

6. Dog Day Care

People who are willing to "camp" at an RV resort for months at a time probably don't plan on bringing their dogs with them every time they leave the recreational vehicle. It can be dangerous to leave a dog alone in an RV unless the owners leave the air conditioner running, which is not always possible. For the safety of the dogs and the convenience of the owners, you may offer a dog day care center offering supervised play and pampering to the pooches while their owners are out and about.

People who stay at RV resorts are looking to live their best lives. You can facilitate that for them, meet interesting people from all over the country, and make a good living in the process.

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