Will you be able to choose an RV easily?  This Fun Personality Profile Test will answer that question for you

Will you be able to choose an RV easily?  This Personality Profile Test will answer that question for you

How easy will it be for you to choose an RV? This fun quiz will tell you

By Alan Wiener
Everything About RVing

Trying to find the right type of RV is like going to a giant buffet and figuring out what to eat. How you make your food choice pretty much determines how hard or easy it is going to be for you to choose which Types of Recreation Vehicles  fit you and your lifestyle. Which buffet behavior listed below best describes how you make your choice?

RV Buffet Personality Test

Type 1

You immediately start running knocking over women and children in your path to get to the food stations that serve prime rib and crab legs. You pile your plate high with these items. Once you get to the table you shovel it in your mouth as fast as you can, fearing that they will run out of prime rib or crab legs if you don't hurry up.

You immediately go back for seconds and thirds, without ever checking out what else is available to eat. After you're done you realize you ate too much and your stomach looks like you've swallowed the Goodyear Blimp.

Type 2

First, you walk through all the food stations to see what is available and then you go back through and take the items you really want. You take your time to eat and enjoy your choices. If you still have room left after eating your number one choices, you go back through and try some different foods. Once you are done, you feel pleasantly full and content.

Type 3

Good Sam Club

You stand there for 35 minutes, plate in hand with a "deer stuck in the headlights" look on your face. You ask yourself, "Which way should I go?" "Do I want Chinese, Mexican, Italian or American?"

Now your head starts to hurt from the confusion, so you go to the salad bar and grab a tomato and some carrot sticks and go back to your table to munch and think.

You finally just get fed up because you can't decide what to eat and leave still feeling hungry. On the way home you stop at a 7-11 and get a SLURPEE and a bag of chips.

Now that you have completed this personality profile, let's see how this determines the difficulty you may experience in choosing what Types of Recreation Vehicles might be right for you. Let's review the recommendations.

RV Buffet Personality Profile Types Recommendations*

How easy will it be for you to choose an RV? This fun quiz will tell you

Type 1

First thing you need to do is take a breath and relax. You have to force yourself to slow down and go through each Recreation Vehicle type page slowly. Take the time to evaluate all the different types of Recreation Vehicles individually and not just pick the first one you see, otherwise you are bound to regret your hasty decision.

You probably think that if you don't pick one immediately that all the Recreation Vehicles will be gone when you are ready to choose. Rest assured that there will still be some left when you decide. You really need to become an RVer to get some relaxation into your life.

It is also suggested that you take some safe driving courses prior to getting behind the wheel of any type of Recreation Vehicle because you can't treat other drivers like you did those poor people in the buffet.

Type 2

Your Buffet Personality Profile indicates that you are already an RVer. You just need to pick the type of Recreation Vehicle you want.

With your personality, you will enjoy any type of Recreation Vehicle. On your trips you will take the time to soak in the scenery and go a few miles out of your way just to see something that interests you. Everyone should be like you.

Type 3

WOW, what can we say except, GO GET PROFESSIONAL HELP! Your RV buffet personality profile indicates that you would not be able to pick any type of Recreation Vehicle. Trying to choose which type of Recreation Vehicle works for you, could push you over the edge.

* Disclaimer: The RV Buffet Personality Profile Evaluation is not a scientifically proven method of evaluating a person's actual personality and is provided here solely for entertainment purposes only. In other words, it's for fun!

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