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Revamp Your RV

Here are the key ways to revamp your RV

Here are the key ways to revamp your RV

New or old, buying and tending to an RV means making changes now and again. This includes updates to make it feel like a home away from home. While using items to secure plates and pans in place is always necessary, here are a few other things worth adding and hanging to create a revamped RV for less than buying new. 

Minor Bathroom Changes

The bathroom in your RV is often overlooked. Because the space is so small, you may think you won’t be able to do much. Updating your bathroom to include a small single sink vanity will save space while keeping the bathroom looking crisp. This will provide you with ample space for the plumbing needed in the bathroom while also providing storage. This way, your bathroom has everything required for your sewage system inside the RV while maintaining an elevated look.

 This is also a great place to store supplies for travel. Think of toothbrushes, washcloths, floss, etc. Having extra space to organize will keep these items safe during travel.

 If you already plan to update your sewage system, along with shower and faucet heads, this is a great upgrade that can elevate a space easily forgotten. Upgrading your shower and faucet heads will only take about 20-30 minutes, so check those measurements ahead of time. 

Upgrade your Mattress

While many families or couples may choose to never change their mattress, RV companies will intentionally put in a low-weight mattress to keep the dry weight low. RV owners are allowed to add weight if it remains below the manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), so feel free to add one that will help you sleep at night!

 Opt for a customizable mattress that can be designed to the dimensions of the bedroom area. There are a few various sources that will do this, and usually it isn't too expensive if you find the right place. This will allow you to start thinking about how to upgrade the sleeping area for kids if you have them or add extra sleeping space.

 Once updated, you'll be able to create storage space underneath to help keep loose items nice and secure. You'll know exactly where everything has gone during travel and will still be neat and organized. 

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Solar Panels to go Off the Grid

The good news is Solar Panels costs are being reduced year after year. While still slightly expensive, they are becoming more affordable and are an excellent option for travel if you plan to stay put for a few days when boondocking.

 Adding Solar Panels will help reduce RVing costs and make your trip more enjoyable. Solar Panels don't create noise like a generator, and if you learn how to convert this energy into electricity, you’re set for your trip, not just while camping. 

Hidden Organization

Storage is going to be a key thought when updating your RV. While some of these vehicles will have tall cupboards, install extra wire racks to avoid movement during travel. 

If you plan on cooking, add a mobile spice rack; this will help avoid a cluster of items after travel. Most likely, you'll also have reusable plates. Get a drying rack that can be easily placed away during your trip that fits directly in the sink for easy washing and drying post-meal. If this is collapsible, even better! You'll be able to tuck it away even while you're at camp. 

For the less glamorous side of RV camping, invest in some cord reels to keep extension cords and other items like hoses organized during travel. This will double as an easy retractable system when preparing to leave a campsite. 

While there are plenty of ways to upgrade your RV, update the basics for an elevated experience without breaking the bank. After all, you're off-grid! 

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