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Spooktacular Stayovers:
RV Parks That Go All Out for Halloween!

Adults Trick or Treating at an RV Park

Halloween, a time of trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and ghostly tales, isn't only celebrated in suburban neighborhoods. Ever thought of celebrating it on the road? RV parks across the country are catching on to the Halloween spirit, offering spooky festivities that ensure your Halloween is both creepy and campy! Ready for a Halloween RV Road trip? Put on your best Halloween Costume and head out to these RV parks that go all out for Halloween.

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The Allure of Halloween RV Adventures

Why is Halloween becoming a thing among RVers?

Why RVers Love Seasonal Celebrations

Family celebrating Halloween at an RV Park

RVing offers a unique opportunity to experience different festivities across various locations. From Christmas to Easter and Halloween, seasonal celebrations allow RVers to mingle with locals, share stories, and partake in regional traditions.

Halloween: Not Just for Houses Anymore!

Awitch Flying across the moon at night

RV parks are turning their spaces into spooky spectacles. Imagine trick-or-treating from one RV to another, each motorhome showcasing unique Halloween decorations and themes. Exciting, right?

Top RV Parks with Spine-Chilling Celebrations

Dreaming of a spooky stayover? Here are some top picks!

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort:
Golden Valley, NC

An RV decorated for Halloween

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort Golden Valley, Norh Carolina boasts a large array of Halloween activities for both kids and adults!

Halloween Activities

Show off your Halloween creativity! Whether you're dressed as a ghastly ghoul or a wonderful witch, there's a category for everyone including Costume Contests, Campground Wide Trick-or-Treating, Site Decorating Contests, Golf Cart Parades, Haunted  Hayrides and a Magic Pumpkin Patch.

Below is a video of what Yogi Bear Jellystone Parks have to offer RVers during the fall and Halloween Season

Hagerstown / Antietam Battlefield KOA Holiday

An RV Campsite decorated for Halloween

The Hagerstown / Antietam Battlefield KOA Holiday in Williamsport, Maryland hosts a lot of family Halloween activities on the weekends during the month of October.

Halloween Activities

Come experience the Haunted House Tours, Magic Shows, Crafts/CeramicsPumpkin carving contest,
Trick or Treating, Costume Parade Contest, 
Tie-dyeing, Train Rides, Cabin and RV decorating contest, prizes will be given and Movies and free popcorn.

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park
Hill Country Texas

An RV Campsite decorated for Halloween

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp-Resort Located in Hill Country, TX. Offers Halloween Weekends from late September to the end of October.

Halloween Activities

Hold on tight! There is a magic pumpkin patch to explore. There are Costume Contests to join. Of course, there is Candy from trick-or-treating in the park.

Plus, you will get a free ticket to a local haunted trail. There will also be a lot of RVs wonderfully decorated for Halloween.

You will also get to enjoy the cooler Spring Weather.

Verde Ranch RV Resort Camp Verde, AZ

An RV Decorated for Halloween

Verde Ranch RV Resort Camp Verde, AZ, Norh Carolina boasts a large array of Halloween activities for both kids and adults!

Halloween Activities

Pup Costume Contest, Human Costume Contest, Trick or Treating, Haunted Trail, Hay Wagon rides and a Haunted River Trail.

So, as you can see you will have plenty of things to do regardless of your age.

Things to Consider When Booking a Halloween RV Spot

Remember that ensuring a spooktacular time requires some preparation!

Safety Precautions

People on a Halloween Hayride

Always prioritize safety. Check if the RV park you're visiting follows safety protocols, especially if they have activities involving fire or moving vehicles.

Amenities and Facilities

Halloween celebrations are a bonus but remember to check basic amenities. Does the park offer clean washrooms, electricity, and potable water?

Tips to Enhance Your Halloween RV Experience

Make the most of your Halloween RV adventure!

Decorating Your RV

Decorating your RV for Halloween

Fairy lights, pumpkins, cobwebs - the sky's the limit! Let your imagination run wild and transform your RV into a Halloween haven.

Participating in Park Activities

Engage in the festivities! Join games, attend storytelling sessions, or even volunteer. Make new friends and lasting memories


Halloween in an RV park is an unparalleled experience. It combines the thrill of the open road with the spooky charm of All Hallows' Eve. Ready to embark on a spooktacular adventure to the RV parks that go all out for Halloween

RV Parks That Go All Out for Halloween

Do most RV parks host Halloween events?

Not all, but many are now embracing the trend. Always check ahead.

Is it safe to trick-or-treat in an RV park?

Yes, but always supervise kids and stick to well-lit areas.

Can I bring my pets?

• Many RV parks are pet-friendly, but always check their policy and ensure your pet's safety during festivities.

How early should I book for Halloween?

Popular parks with Halloween events tend to get booked fast, so plan several months in advance.

Are there age restrictions for certain activities?

Some activities may have age restrictions, especially those that are more intense or scary. Always check with the park.

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