Places To Go On Your Next RV Vacation

If you want a less stressful vacation, consider taking an RV vacation

Taking a vacation is a joy. Planning one and figuring out how to pay for one can be very stressful. You must consider flights to and from your destination as well as hotel accommodations. And then there's the hassle of determining what you should pack, what you have room for, and what you must leave behind. 

Places To Go On Your Next RV Vacation

If you want a less stressful vacation, consider taking an RV getaway. If you own an RV or can borrow one from a friend or family member, you'll have cut the cost of a typical vacation dramatically. Even if you need to rent an RV, the rental fees will undoubtedly be significantly less than airfare and hotel accommodations. Additionally, with an RV, you'll have the luxury of taking just about anything you want with you on your trip. No need to argue with your teen about how many pairs of shoes a reasonable person needs on any given day, no need to tell your book-loving partner they can't take the stack of novels next to their bed. And you don't have to worry about finding a great cup of coffee on the way; just take that espresso machine with you.

RV trips are great for nature lovers and those wanting an unstructured vacation, but you can take destination trips in them as well. Here are just a few great vacation trips that you can explore from the inside of an RV.

Go to Disneyland on Your RV Vacation

You may not think of the Magic Kingdom when you think of RV destinations, but it's a great way to experience the happiest place on earth. With an RV, You can enjoy everything Disneyland has to offer, including the new Avengers Campus, while taking a much smaller bite out of your budget. You'll save on accommodations, and you can cook your own breakfast before you go and your dinner at the end of the day, saving you even more money.

Although Disney doesn't own any of its own RV parks, there are several within 30 minutes of the park, and many of them have amenities like heated pools, free cable, gyms, and even beachfront views. Even the swankiest parks charge less than $100 a night, and their weekly rates are even better. Most RV parks close to Disney offer shuttle services to get you to and from the park as well.

Enjoy Nature on Your RV Vacation

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RVs were made for road trips. Nature lovers often use these homes on wheels for extended stays in some of the most beautiful spots in the country, including national and state parks. But you can use an RV for more than a trip to Yosemite or the Grand Canyon.

RV Route 66
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If the ocean is your favorite place to be, why not take a trip down a coastal highway stopping at every beautiful beach you see. If mountains and forests are more your cup of tea, a trek down the Blue Ridge Parkway might be a perfect getaway. A tour of the famous Route 66 will take you through just about every landscape you can imagine, from ocean to desert to a mountain top. You can stop wherever you want, stay as long as you want and always have a cozy bed at the end of the day.

Indulge an Interest on Your RV Vacation

An RV can let you indulge in your greatest passions, no matter what they are.  If you're a history buff, how about a tour of New England which is replete with stunning sites that harken back to the revolutionary war. Music lovers can consider using an RV for their next big festival getaway. 

An RV can provide a safe retreat after a day at Lollapalooza, Burning Man, or Bonnaroo. Wine aficionados can take a leisurely tour of the Northern California wineries enjoying some of the best vino in the world along with some of the most beautiful scenery on their RV vacation. Whether you are enamored of lighthouses, fine food, or spelunking, an RV can help you immerse yourself in your passion.

If you're looking for an alternative to the standard hectic getaway, consider an RV vacation. An RV might be the key to a dream vacation to popular destinations, nature immersions, and niche getaways.

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