RVing In Utah

"There are hundreds of RV parks and campgrounds in Utah"

RVing Utah

By Rod Besler

RVing in Utah is a popular past-time for many people.  And a fantastic way to see the many wondrous Utah attractions.

There are hundreds of RV parks and campgrounds in Utah. Especially in northern Utah.  But full-service parks with hookups are more difficult to find in the southern part of the state.  

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The fact is Utah probably has more scenic free campsites than any other state. But if you’re wondering how many RV parks in Utah there are, it depends where you want to go.

The southern part of Utah has most of the most famous picturesque country in the state.  It’s where all five national parks are located.  Along with Lake Powell, Moab, and most of the national monuments.  But the thing to remember about southern Utah is that it is a rugged and harsh country.  Possibly the least-tamed but most beautiful area in the lower 48 states.

Be aware that being able to enjoy visiting the wonderful sites in southern Utah comes with a price.  Hotel rooms are few and far between.  Restaurants also.  As for RVers, full-service campgrounds with hookups are sometimes difficult to find.  If you’re planning on RVing in Utah, it’s important to plan ahead.

But if you enjoy boondocking or camping, you’ll love southern Utah.  There are countless free campsites available for your use. Many of them near the most visited parks and Utah attractions including the national Parks - Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Zion.     

I’m not going to try and tell you everything about RVing in Utah in this article. There are many other great websites that can tell you what’s available.  And all the details you need to know about each. 

But if you love RVing, there is no better place than Utah.  You want mountains?  How about granite peaks rising up from the edge of the desert floor?  You love red-rock country and slick-rock arches? Well, RVing in Utah will let you see more arches and bigger arches than anywhere else on the planet!

Love to sit beside an alpine lake few people ever see and throw a line in the water?  You can RV right up to hundreds of them in Utah.   And if you prefer roaring mountain streams filled with lively freshwater trout, you’ll be able to drive your RV close to some of the best ones in the state.

If you like to RV to places where you can gaze at bottomless canyons or wonder about the origins of sea-like salt flats stretching as far as the eye can see, you can do it here.  And wherever you drive your RV in the state of Utah, you’re bound to see multi-hued sunrises and sunsets that you’ll never forget

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RVing In Utah

Photo above by mconnors at Morguefile.com 

RVing in Utah offers:

  • 7 national monuments
  • 9 national forests
  • 43 state parks

Millions of people flock to Utah each year to enjoy what those of us who live here sometimes take for granted.  But one of the main reasons we live here.  To enjoy world-class sports and outdoor recreational opportunities.  A rare mix indeed!

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About The Author

Rod Besler is a long-time resident of Utah – more than 30 years – who came to the state for a short stay from Canada and never left.  His online guide – http://www.utah-travel-secrets.com - wasn’t created by a faceless corporation.  It has been written by a long-time resident.

This guide will tell you about the usual tourist attractions in Utah.  But it’ll cover much more.  The secrets of 30 years' experience living and traveling in Utah. I ’ve hunted and fished these lands. Camped in them. Photographed them. My wife was born here. Lived here all her life.

You'll see photos on http://www.utah-travel-secrets.com.  Lots of them.  Photos often tell a story far better than words.  Yes, there are well-known attractions that draw millions every year. You'll read about those. 

But there are few places left in this country where you can get away from it all like you can here!  Out of the way often unknown places.  And you’ll read about those too at http://www.utah-travel-secrets.com.

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