Upgrading Your RV Mattress

This detailed guide has covered everything you should know about upgrading your RV Mattress

This detailed guide has covered everything you should know about upgrading your RV Mattress

Not just millennials but many people nowadays have a changed perception about their home. It is one of the reasons the RV culture is booming across the globe. Thousands of families are ready to leave their brick-and-mortar homes for an RV. In their defense, nowadays, Recreational Vehicles come with all the amenities one would expect in a fully-fledged home — of course, in a miniature form. 

However, an aspect where you cannot trust the by-default options in an RV would be the mattress. Even when it comes to super-expensive and luxurious RVs, you end up finding subpar mattresses. Therefore, most people need a strategy on how to upgrade their RV mattresses. Considering that sleep quality is essential even when you have an on-the-go lifestyle, having an upgraded RV mattress can be a necessity for everyone.

But how do you go about upgrading your RV mattress? What things should you consider? And what are the options you have in the market? If these questions bother you, you are in the right place. This detailed guide has covered everything you should know about elevating your RV sleeping experience using an upgraded mattress.

Things You Should Consider While Upgrading Your RV Mattress

We will list the factors you must consider before choosing a new mattress for your RV.

  • Comfort

While comfort is highly personal, the mattress you upgrade to must provide superior ease when sleeping in your RV. Therefore, you may have to choose a more comfortable mattress, even if it means paying a notably high price. For instance, you can select memory foam-based and hybrid mattresses instead of traditional ones.

  • Size

While comfort remains the most important factor, you cannot forget the aspect of size. After all, the mattress you buy should fit the RV that you have. Fortunately, there are so many size options in the market at this point. If you can do proper research before buying, you will not need to trade comfort for size. Of course, unless you have a super-luxurious RV, you may not be able to accommodate a king or queen-sized mattress

  • Sleeping Position

Not all mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions. In particular, you will have to choose the right level of firmness, among other things. For instance, back sleepers and side sleepers may prefer different levels of firmness. Additionally, you may have to consider your body type. Did you know that the right mattress for RV can help you with pain relief and aches? Well, you just have to choose the right one for your needs.

In addition to these, you have to consider whether you are allergic to specific materials. For instance, memory foam is a common allergenic substance for some people. If that is the case with you, you may pick one of the mattresses with hypoallergenic materials. Ultimately, you will have to choose between made-for-RV and traditional mattresses as well. It is one of the reasons you should measure the cot and the extension options before selecting a mattress for RV.

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Different Options of Mattresses for RV

Here are some of the standard options you have in the market for choosing a mattress for an RV. You can choose between these options based on the criteria mentioned above.

    1. Foam RV Mattresses

The least expensive option in the market, foam RV mattresses are also the most common choice among RVers. You do not have to spend a fortune getting a comfortable foam mattress for your RV. However, do not think you can succeed with a random purchase. Once again, you have to pay attention to the level of firmness and the material of construction.

    2. RV Air Mattresses

Air mattresses for RVs use air instead of foam. While these mattresses can offer ultimate comfort, they are not the most cost-effective option. But, if your budget does not have a limit, you can even get an air mattress that can accommodate two people. In these cases, you will be able to adjust the air level of the mattress on both sides.

    3. Memory Foam RV Mattresses

Memory Foam RV mattresses stay in the middle position if you ask us. You can find affordable ones if you're willing to spend around a few hundred dollars. However, if you are looking for the best comfort possible, it can get expensive. A typical memory foam mattress for an RV will come with a washable cover that you can get rid of quickly.

In addition, you can consider a few other options, such as latex RV mattresses. However, you have to look at these mattresses as a long-term investment. Therefore, this category of mattresses may not suit those who want to start camping on a budget. Regardless, you can check if you can find hybrid models.

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How to Upgrade Your RV Mattress

Here is a simple, three-step process to upgrading your RV mattress

  1. In this step, you have to do proper research and buy the best mattress for your needs. Ideally, you’d have better comfort if you did not let your budget limit the options. At the end of the day, if you want to enjoy the best sleep in your RV, you should also have the best RV mattress.
  2. Once you have received the mattress, you have to set it up properly. We recommend following the steps provided by the manufacturer, but you should let the mattress breathe. Only then will it attain the maximum thickness and breadth.
  3.  Unless you have a messed-up mattress, you can donate it to someone else. There are several camping communities where you can find people looking for to-be-salvaged items. It is a tiny significant step you can take towards being eco-friendly.


Upgrading your RV mattress is easier said than done, to be honest. You will come across many options, and you may have to rethink your priorities. In the end, the steps we have mentioned above will help you in any case.

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