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Water Is Leaking In The Closet Of My RV, How Do I Find The Leak?

by Anonymous

I have a 99 Southwind 32' that I bought in early 2009. We went south last Feb and then returned home and stored the rv. We check on it about once a week and although we have had considerable rain in Seattle, we did not have any leaks.

Yesterday I brought it home to get ready for a trip and found that the floor in the bedroom next to the passenger side wall and inside the closet on the same side was wet. We also saw signs of previous water leaks on the top of the cedar paneling in the closet. Where should I start looking for the leak?

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Sorry to hear that you are going through this. Luckily we have quite a bit of information on our website about finding and repairing water leaks in an RV. Please take a look at the answers I gave to the questions below. These answers should help you out.

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Hopefully the above information will be helpful to you in resolving your leak problem.

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Finding Water Leaks
by: Lew Mann

Finding the source of water leaks is not always easy. But, if you will accept the premise that water always flows toward the ground (thank you Sir Isaac Newton) then you will start looking for a leak source on top . . . the roof.

Your rig likely has what is commonly referred to as a "rubber" roof. Where the roof meets up with the side panels, front cap and rear cap, there is a bead of caulk. Caulk gets old and brittle. Everything that is attached to or goes through the roof is caulked.

Check all the caulking for cracks. Check around all roof vents, AC units and roof mounted antennas, etc. Anywhere you find caulk - check it.

I had to replace part of my roof due to a huge hole in the caulk around one of my air horns.

[the source of the leak may be no where near the actual wet spot. The water could seep in at the front roof and flow to the rear if the coach is not perfectly level.]

Those little yellow lights mounted at on the end caps are notorious for leaks. Check the caulk there.

If you are not much of a do-it-yourselfer, then contact your local RV dealer.

Lew Mann
Webmaster & "Doer of Many Things
J.D. Sanders RV Center
Alachua, Florida

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