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Why You Should Consider Living and Writing in an RV

Traveling and writing in an RV has many advantages

Why You Should Consider Living and Writing in an RV

By Vasy Kafidoff 

You remember one of those movies where a family goes on a road trip in an RV? Or have you seen those election campaign buses which are huge in size and roam around the entire country? Well, those are called RVs and frankly, using them as a home on wheels is fantastic.

Different types of RVs match different type of lifestyles. You might be reading this piece because you want to change your lifestyle. If You want to find out if the RVing Lifestyle is right for you can rent an RV.  You will find out that traveling in an RV to different locations can be quite motivating to your creative juices and writing. 

Listed below are some advantages of living and traveling in an RV.

RVing Lifestyle

1. RVs save you money

If you are a recently graduated student and have started a new job, you are probably living on a budget, because you are paying back a student loan and your new job may or may not be enough to pay off your loan and pay rent on an apartment or house. 

Living Full-Time in an RV can save you money.  Your “Home on Wheels” can travel to different locations all over the country. You cannot do that with a sticks and bricks home or an apartment. Staying at a campground costs far less than staying at a Hotel or Motel. If you want to save even more money, you can go Boondocking in your RV.

Camping World

2.       Having a Space of Your Own

Who doesn't want to have privacy? For writers, a private space is very important. Whether you want to write a speech or work on your novel, you need to have a quiet place to write.  An RV allows you to live and work in a peaceful environment and work at your own pace. You will be your own boss and work when you want. 

3.  Chance to Meet with New People

As a writer, you need to keep your creative juices flowing. Meeting new people and seeing new places will help you keep those juices flowing and seeing things from a different perspective. Living in an RV can give you that exposure. When you travel on a plane, you see things from 30,000 feet, which will not allow you to see all there is to see up close and personal.  An RV allows you to travel at a leisurely pace and visit those out of the way places that may interest you and help you get some great ideas for topics to write about.

Traveling in an RV is a great way to meet new people and participate in new activities.  An RV allows you the flexibility of planning your own routes and schedule and allow you to visit some new very interesting destinations.

During your RV journeys, you will have a great opportunity to meet many new and interesting people who may inspire you to get on your laptop and write a story about your interactions with them.

As a writer you can see that RVing allows you see the world up close and personal.  RVing and writing go hand in hand.  So, go out there in an RV and get those creative juices flowing.

Happy RVing!

About The Author

Vasy Kafidoff is a writer who loves to give people tips on how they can improve their writing styles and techniques. You can visit write a speech for me, and have Vasy craft a custom speech for you.

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