A Humorous Guide to RVer Gifts

a cartoon of Santa Clause drinking beer with Rudolph and the elves while dropping off packages to an RV

By Alan Wiener
Editor: Everything About RVing

A Humorous Guide to RVer Gifts will help you get down to the not-so-serious task of getting a gift for the RVer in your life

Before we jump right into a humorous guide to RVer gifts here is a little Christmas shopping story for your reading pleasure. 

An RVing Christmas Story

Twas the night before Black Friday, when all through the RV not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse. When the alarm on my Smart Phone made such a clatter, I sprang from my bed, ran to my computer, and went straight to see what Black Friday Deals I was missing.. 

Ok, enough of that madness, let's move on to a humorous guide to RVer gifts:

Yes, it has been one heck of a year, but now it is time to get down to the not so serious business of finding a great gift for the RVer in your life. Of course, I would much rather stick a hot poker in my eye than go Christmas shopping, but I digress. I have some great suggestions that I have separated into categories for you. Just click a link below to get to the recommendations that your RVer person might like. Boy, it is tough being a Pseudo RV Santa.

Give Me Money Honey: Your RVer is hard to buy for, so you plan to give them an envelope filled with cash. Now, this could get you mistaken for a Drug Dealer, so here are some alternatives to handing out money filled envelopes, including some great recommendations for some personalized RV camping items.

Kitchen Appliances: Kitchen appliances? I am on vacation, why would I want to cook? OK, breathe in and breathe out and calm down. These appliances will make cooking easier while RVing, trust me. Plus going out to eat every day is quite expensive, you will be saving money. OK, I have done my best to convince you, so if you're not interested in Kitchen Appliances, just move on, nothing to see here. 

Electronics: Yes, you are trying to get away from it all to enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. So, don't forget your TV & Laptop. You might want to bring your Digital Camera too, just in case you accidentally leave your RV and go outside.

Gifts to help you enjoy the outdoors while RVing: These items will help you get out of the RV and enjoy the outdoors at its best. I guarantee that fresh air will not kill you. But of course, this is 2022, so I really can't guarantee it.

Must-have Accessories for the RV: OK, in this case, you are actually buying a gift for your RV. Just act real excited when you give these gifts to your RVer, and hopefully, your excitement will be catching.


Give me Money Honey

Here are some alternatives to envelopes full of cold, hard cash:

Amazon gift card box

Amazon Gift Card: Your RVer can purchase whatever they want on Amazon. You can pre-fill the card to a maximum of $2000.00 (Your RVer would really like that gift card). That will be one happy camper.  Nothing like trying to fit a brand new 70" TV in a tent trailer.

Google Gift Card: You can give the gift of games, apps and more from Google Play. Gotta have those games. I can't get this card as I am still trying to get over my addiction to Angry Birds.

Restaurant Gift Card: From restaurants such as Cracker Barrel, The Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, and many, many, more. Remember, the fastest way to an RVers heart is by feeding and then burping them.

Personalized RV GiftsI know that your RVer would love to see their name on a check for 100s of dollars. If you can't do that for your RVer, a good alternative is a personalized RV Gift like a Personalized RV Doormat. What says I Love You More than a doormat with their name on it. The good news is you can also get personalized RV Christmas Ornaments and Camper Flags.

Kitchen Appliances

Instant Pot on table with food

Instant Pot: In the good old days of camping, you would sit around the campfire and tell scary stories to scare the kids and some adults. Well that has changed. Now campers sit around the campfire and share their Instant Pot recipes. Yeah campfires will never be the same.

Yes the Instant Pot is taking over the RVing world. But there is good reason for that. Rather than overloading your RV's Kitchen with all kinds of appliances you just need the latest version of Instant Pot, The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Pressure Cooker (pictured Above) This next generation multi-cooker combines 10 appliances in one: it's a pressure cooker, sous vide, sauté pan, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, yogurt maker, cake maker, stock pot and steamer.

Stackable Pots and Pans Set: If you haven't figured it out by now, there is a limited amount of storage space in your RV's kitchen. So basically you have a choice, bring all your pots and pans or bring food for you RV trip. Of course you can always bring a sledgehammer to get all of pots and pans in the kitchen cabinets.

But wait!!! There is a solution to this problem a Stackable Pots and Pans Set (like the one pictured above) which can be put together to store them all in a much smaller storage area. You need to thank all of the mathematicians and engineers that spent their whole lives figuring out how to solve this problem for you.

Portable Induction Cook Top: How often have you been cooking something on your RV's propane stove, but you couldn't figure out the temperature of the pan and then the food in the pan starts smoking badly and sets off the Smoke Detector and now the dog is barking and your family is surrounding you in the kitchen asking you loudly what you are burning and now the dog is barking louder and the smoke has gotten so thick that your family has opened the RV door and are running outside coughing. Now you have caught the attention of your RV neighbors who are pointing at your family and asking if they need help. You have now made some great family RVing memories.

This could have all been prevented, if you had a Portable Induction Cook Top (like the one pictured above). Because when you use an induction cook top the only thing that gets hot is the pan. The other advantages are that you can set it to the exact temperature for your recipe, you can also set a time for it to shut off. They are very compact and can be stored in your kitchen cabinet after use. So get one of these so that the Fire Department does become an unexpected guest at your next RV meal.

Corelle Dish Set: I know all RVers love bringing their best china dishware on all of their RV trips to impress all of the RVers at the campground. But, just because you can bring your best China Dishware, doesn't mean you should. If you break one dish, you can never use it again, because it is against the law to use an incomplete set of China.

The solution to this complex problem is simple, just buy a nice Corelle Dish Set (like the one pictured above). These dishes are Chip and Break Resistant. They even have some classy designs that look like China. Just tell your RVing guests to be careful so they don't break your China when hand them a Corelle dish of food. They'll never know the difference, TRUST ME!


A smiling little girl, along with cameras and camera accessories

If you do accidently go outside while RVing you will need a Digital Camera to capture all of your fun adventures, such as a picture of the Skunk that that sprayed you and all of the kids. Your camera should also be able to capture video, so you can post all of your camping dancing videos on TikTok.

You also need to bring a Laptop computer so you can stay in touch with the outside world and go to YouTube and TikTok to watch all the videos you submitted to them. With a Laptop you can also visit my website Everything About RVing. Speaking of which, when we are out RVing, I am able to use the Laptop Computer to add content and edit the website while sitting outside of RV while enjoying several adult beverages. Come to think of it the adult beverages that I am consuming right now might explain why this article is so discombobulated. 

Yes, all RVers know that they need at least two TVs inside their RVs along with one on the outside.  OK I can now hear the screaming from traditional Campers and RVers "YOU DON'T NEED NO DANG TVs TO ENJOY THE OUTDOORS". Well I beg to differ, RVing would not be the same without being able to watch the latest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, wait, I mean the latest NASCAR race and yes you can fit a 65" TV in a Tent Trailer.

Yes, there is nothing like a good book to fall asleep with, while you are RVing. So the week before your trip, you need to gather up hundreds of your favorite books and load them into the RV and I am sure that your kids will understand why they can't go on the trip with you because they would exceed the weight limit of your RV due to all the books you took. Now there is a solution to this problem, if you bring a Kindle E-reader you can also bring the kids (if you really want to). With a Kindle E-reader you have 1000s of books to choose from. Another advantage to a Kindle, is that you can't damage it like a regular book by falling a sleep and drooling on it. Plus, if you want to jazz up your Kindle, there are plenty of Kindle accessories available. Who could ask for anything more. You now have all your books and kids all in one place. 

Outdoor Fun

A portable grill at a tailgating party

Grill/BBQ: Ahh nothing makes camping any better than the smell of hamburgers being cooked on an outdoor grill or for vegans, a vegetable-based hamburger meat substitute. Anyway, you get the gist. Fact: Food cooked outdoors always tastes better. Another fact: Every RVer needs a good Propane or Charcoal Grill or they are not really an RVer, just saying.

The grill is an important part of our families RVing adventures and I have a Weber Propane Grill like the one pictured above and I love it. You can get some great grill marks when it is on high, or you can put it on low and cook some delicious food slowly. It is frugal on propane use and easy to clean. It also takes very little space when storing it.

Grilling Tool Set: Nothing hurts more than taking a Hamburger off the grill with your bare hands. So for safety reasons alone, you need to give your RVing Grillerperson a set of of good quality Grilling Tools. As my Grandpappy used to say, "Hey kid get me another beer" UH, well what he meant to say was "Grilling Safety First".

I would strongly suggest that you get a Grilling Tool Set that has a sturdy storage container. If you put your grilling utensils in the RV's storage compartment uncontained, your grilling utensil's giant fork will stab you in the hand when you try to remove it from the compartment (been there done that).

RV LED Party Lights: Nothing says RV Party better than dancing to Walk Like an Egyptian (Nothing like an embarrassing memory of a wedding reception I went to and danced to that song after having too many glasses of champagne) with your Music-Synced LED RV Party Lights pulsing to beat of the music. So for a Bitchin Out Of Sight RV Party, you gotta get you some LED Lights.


Bicycle: Remember how excited you were as a kid, when your parents took the training wheels off of your bicycle. Now that I am older, I am afraid that I will have to put the training wheels put back on. 

If you don't have a lot of space in your RV there are Foldable Bikes available and for people who don't like to do a lot of pedaling there are Electric Bikes. Taking bicycles on an RVing adventure will give you a good mode of transportation around the RV Park your staying at. If you are in a State or National Park, there are a lotof bike trails you can ride on to get up close to the scenery and wildlife SAFETY TIP: stay far away from Bears, Mountain Lions and Bison. ANOTHER SAFETY TIP: When riding your bike, please wear a bicycle helmet, because a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

Outdoor Games: Nothing like experiencing the great outdoors while playing a great game of Lawn Darts, oh wait, they don't make lawn darts anymore. Lawn darts were giant weighted darts with needle sharp tips that you threw in the air and tried to get them to stick inside a Hula Hoop sized target. The fun part is that the participants stood across from each other by the targets. So when your opponent through the dart in the air it would come screaming straight down at you and if you didn't run fast enough, well you get the picture, that's why they don't sell lawn darts anymore. 

Now that we got that out of the way, there are now some very safe and sane games you can play without inflicting significant injury to your opponent. Some examples are cornholefrisbeehorse shoes and my all-time favorite limbo, there is nothing better than a great limbo session on a cold morning. The burning question is How Low Can You GO? 

Must have Accessories for the RV

A Garmin RV GPS Tablet

Signal booster for a cell phone: The materials that RVs are made of are not good for receiving weak cell signals. So, in many cases you will need a cell phone booster to get your calls in or out. Of course, you can revert to some tin cans and a long, long. string.

WiFi Booster: Wi-Fi at a lot of RV Parks isn't that great, unless you are parked right next to the bathroom that has the Parks Wi-Fi Antenna on it. Your WiFi may be good, but you may not want to open your RV's window, because the smell won't be that good. By the way, I have tested a couple of Wi-Fi Boosters and you can read my Winegard ConnecT 2.0 WiFi Extender Review.

GPS Unit Designed For RVers: As my old Grandpappy used to say "It ain't no fun getting lost son". OK I never had a Grandpappy that said that, but some RVers have found out the hard way that using a GPS unit designed for cars ain't no fun when it directs you to drive under a bridge that is not tall enough for your RV and you end up having your RV's roof torn off.

What you need to prevent this from happening to you is having a GPS unit designed for RVs. When it gives you directions, it keeps your RV's height, width, and length in mind. Some of them like the Garmin RV 785 pictured above also have a built-in Dash Cam.

(TPMS) Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Any RVer who has had a flat tire while towing or driving their RV can tell you that they would rather walk barefooted through 100 feet of broken glass before experiencing that again. I can tell you from personal experience when I had a front tire blowout on my motorhome while going 65 miles per hour on a rural Texas road. I was awfully glad that there was a bathroom in the motorhome because I needed to use that immediately when I pulled over to the side of the road. 

The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System on your Trailer or Motorhome. These monitoring systems will alert you with an alarm when any of your tires start losing air, so you will have a chance to slow down and get to a safe location to check your tires.

WOW, I don't know about you, but I am exhausted from all this shopping, my feet are killing me, wait all this shopping was done online. OK if you think we missed an outstanding RVer gift just scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a comment to let me know what I missed. Happy Holidays and Happy RVing. Where the heck did, I leave my Eggnog?

OK, you are free to leave a humorous guide to RVer gifts, unless you want to buy more stuff. Happy RVing and Happy Shopping.

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